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Finally…2X Choo Choo shirts are in. Sorry for the delay!


Sharp, Taylor, Randle on the SI All-American list. (Sports Illustrated)

Hire this man. Today. (USA Today)

Good stuff here by Berry, turnover (not turnovers) is a great thing in Stillwater. (NewsOK)

This sounds like a challenge for me and OKC Dave to undertake. (ESPN)

I guess I didn’t realize Monk interviewed with them last year. (NewsOK)

It’s not possible for there to be a worse analysis of the current state of the Oklahoma State offensive coordinator position. (ESPN)

If you have Insider, you should read this. OSU tabbed as the second unluckiest team of 2012. (ESPN Insider)

Berry would stick whoever starts at OSU as the 1st team All-Big 12 QB next year. (NewsOK)

I think Randle already has one foot out the door. (Rivals)

Uh, no he won’t. (Tulsa World)

Kevin Peterson, J.W. Walsh on ESPN’s All-Big 12 freshman team. (ESPN)

Uh oh. (NewsOK)

[yawns, sips coffee, clicks new link]. (ESPN)

[yawns again]. (NewsOK)

We both like visors. Ah, you’re the best, Monk. The best. (NewsOK)

How well are he and Favre going to get along? (NewsOK)


Bob Kurland on the NCAA’s list of top Tournament players ever. (CBS Sports)

Pretty funny write-up on Boone’s Christmas gift. (ESPN)

I can tell you he’s certainly not the 14th best freshman in the nation. (NewsOK)


Has there ever been a better example of college conferences swimming in money? Somebody paid for this to happen ! (Big 12 Sports)

Good stuff here from Chris Jones. (Longreads)

I found this funny for some reason.

Shaking hands, kissing babies.

Boone doing work here. Would have preferred he purchase Memphis’ ’08 halfcourt offense to give to Ford, but this isn’t bad.

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