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Wow, how powerful is this? (O’Colly)

This, my friends, is Oklahoma State. (NewsOK)

Here’s Desmond Mason on the plane crash (h/t Matt Amilian). (Sports Animal)

Really cool poem from an OSU grad and details on the OSU memorial service here. (NewsOK)

Weather ruled out as a reason for the plane crash. (NewsOK)

Heck of a post here from somebody who knew Budke as a reporter. (NewsOK)

“It’s not like he was my boss, it’s like he was my brother.” (Tulsa World)

Gundy said he was thinking about Budke on Friday night. Love that he doesn’t use it as an excuse though. (NewsOK)

“It’s a terrible thing and everybody feels bad, but are we going to be talking about it 10 years from now?” Uh, yeah, we are. (Tulsa World)

Read this – Jimmie Tramel on five men whose lives were changed by Eddie Sutton. Tony Allen saying Eddie Sutton “kept it raw and uncut” is by far the highlight of my day. (Tulsa World)

Eddie also weighs in on Budke. (O’Colly)

Here are the patches the basketball teams will wear the rest of the year. (KTUL)

Brendon Morris on his first interview with Budke, and how it almost went disastrously wrong. (O’Colly)

Berry Tramel says the field rushing in Ames was the coolest sight in college football last weekend. (NewsOK)

Weeden is such a stand-up dude. Wow. (NewsOK)

Anthony Slater with a great recap from Black Friday. (O’Colly)

Monken nails it here: “I don’t know if I’ve ever been 10-1 and felt so empty.” Also, a really great post. (Go Pokes)

Ubben has OSU in the Fiesta. (ESPN)

Gina Mizell on a pair of Coach Budke run-ins. (NewsOK)

Bill Self weighs in on the tragedy. (ESPN)

Cowgirl assistant Jeff Parr on Budke and Serna. (O’Colly)

OSU women’s soccer team advances and will play the overall number one seed on Friday in Palo Alto. (

Be proud of yourselves, “I’ve interacted with a handful of Oklahoma State fans/bloggers over the last week and have yet to have a bad experience. These people are first class.” (Cyclone Fanatic)

“If the Razorbacks win this Friday, however, that is a different story. The likely result under this scenario would be for Alabama to win the tiebreaker and the SEC West, and for Arkansas to move ahead of LSU in the BCS standings. For voters who don’t want to see a repeat of Bama’s 24-point thrashing of Arkansas from earlier this season, Oklahoma State might again begin to look like a viable option.” (ESPN Insider)

It would be pretty embarrassing for everyone if Weeden didn’t get invited to NYC. (Rivals)

I don’t really see why Stanford deserves it so much more than OSU? (Dr. Saturday)

Berry Tramel on why Friday really did matter. (NewsOK)

Here’s a really good explanation of why Quinn’s field goal wasn’t good. (Bleacher Report)

Yeah, I mean, pretty much…

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