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Must read of the day (though if you read this blog, you’ve more than likely already read this story). (Oklahoman)

I went to this game on Saturday and it was outstanding. My favorite part was Travis Ford climbing the stands to hug Mrs. Budke. Family. (Oklahoman)

Also, here’s the photo gallery from that game. Some pretty good stuff in there. (Oklahoman)

For those still holding out hope that OSU could play for the title – Stew Mandel will satiate your appetites. (Sports Illustrated)

Are we really asking this question? (Oklahoman)

Tom Fornelli says OSU’s title hopes took a shot this weekend. Yeah, duh. (CBS Sports)

Gina takes a look back at 16 seniors from this year’s team. (Oklahoman)

The Tulsa World says a healthy Blackmon could make the difference. (Tulsa World)

Brad Edwards says if OSU beats OU we should see Stanford vs. OSU in the Fiesta Bowl. Consider me all in on that. (ESPN Insider)

I understand why they do this, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck. (Tulsa World)

Brent Venables: “They’ve only stopped themselves, really” (Tulsa World)

Brandon Chatmon with a nice writeup about the OSU girl’s game from Saturday. (ESPN)

I thought Iowa State was good at wrestling. Can any of my wrestling fan readers help out here? (

If you care to add to the Weeden > Griffin blaze I set last week, the fact that his backup played better than him can’t hurt. (ESPN)

For those of you steeped in conspiracy theories – if Georgia beats LSU, the SEC gets paid. (Dr. Saturday)

Ubben says OSU’s title hopes are done. I concur. (ESPN)

John Helsley with five keys to Bedlam. (Oklahoman)

Gina knows a family when she sees it. (Oklahoman)

Good stuff here from Chris Dufresne reppin’ OSU for the title game. (L.A. Times)

Ubben says LSU would have to get torched by Georgia for OSU to even have a shot. (ESPN)

Berry Tramel with a good article on how an OSU victory on Saturday would disrupt the natural order. (Oklahoman)

Interesting debate on whether or not college hoops should start later than it does. (Yahoo!)

Non-sports: Can I call my 2016 shot right now and walk it off in January 2017? (Esquire)

In case you missed it…

Yeah, I’m all in…

So, people like this dude.

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