Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

Must read of the day (though if you read this blog, you’ve more than likely already read this story). (Oklahoman)

I went to this game on Saturday and it was outstanding. My favorite part was Travis Ford climbing the stands to hug Mrs. Budke. Family. (Oklahoman)

Also, here’s the photo gallery from that game. Some pretty good stuff in there. (Oklahoman)

For those still holding out hope that OSU could play for the title – Stew Mandel will satiate your appetites. (Sports Illustrated)

Are we really asking this question? (Oklahoman)

Tom Fornelli says OSU’s title hopes took a shot this weekend. Yeah, duh. (CBS Sports)

Gina takes a look back at 16 seniors from this year’s team. (Oklahoman)

The Tulsa World says a healthy Blackmon could make the difference. (Tulsa World)

Brad Edwards says if OSU beats OU we should see Stanford vs. OSU in the Fiesta Bowl. Consider me all in on that. (ESPN Insider)

I understand why they do this, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck. (Tulsa World)

Brent Venables: “They’ve only stopped themselves, really” (Tulsa World)

Brandon Chatmon with a nice writeup about the OSU girl’s game from Saturday. (ESPN)

I thought Iowa State was good at wrestling. Can any of my wrestling fan readers help out here? (okstate.com)

If you care to add to the Weeden > Griffin blaze I set last week, the fact that his backup played better than him can’t hurt. (ESPN)

For those of you steeped in conspiracy theories – if Georgia beats LSU, the SEC gets paid. (Dr. Saturday)

Ubben says OSU’s title hopes are done. I concur. (ESPN)

John Helsley with five keys to Bedlam. (Oklahoman)

Gina knows a family when she sees it. (Oklahoman)

Good stuff here from Chris Dufresne reppin’ OSU for the title game. (L.A. Times)

Ubben says LSU would have to get torched by Georgia for OSU to even have a shot. (ESPN)

Berry Tramel with a good article on how an OSU victory on Saturday would disrupt the natural order. (Oklahoman)

Interesting debate on whether or not college hoops should start later than it does. (Yahoo!)

Non-sports: Can I call my 2016 shot right now and walk it off in January 2017? (Esquire)

In case you missed it…

Yeah, I’m all in…

So, people like this dude.

  • CowboyKS

    So Kyle, you concur that the NCG hopes are dashed? How about just using “ditto”?
    You are a man of little faith and vision. At least Ubben setup his article with a detailed strength of schedule argument. You on the other hand simply cut-n-paste a few links. Great service, but don’t think the Cowboy faithful don’t see your lack of fortitude.
    Keep writing – you’ll eventually get there. Find some vision and you will see how things can and are likely to work out.

    • Kyle Porter


      • Dubyaswinford

        The last thing I want is you to become the type of writer to ignores reality and past experiences. We have enough of those type of fans/supporters/writers in Oklahoma. The only way our ‘Boys are going to earn any credit outside the Stillwater mindset is to actually prove it between the yard lines. Lack all the fortitude you want, its much better than being nonsensical and naive. Kudos to you for what your doing; the orange-clad fanbase, like yourself, really enjoy your commentary.

        • CowboyKS

          You really think Stanford and Bama have earned all of their “credit” between the yard lines? That’s pretty naive Dubya.

          • Reed

            I think the point is that OSU has to prove it on the field, not necessarily Bama. Teams like Alabama will always be given the benefit of the doubt based on nothing more than name and conference affiliation.
            We all know OSU has the better resume. But for OSU to get into the championship game, there can be no doubt. We don’t get favors in the BCS like Bama, OU, Texas, etc etc etc.
            At this point we have about a 0.5% chance of getting in the national championship game, not because we aren’t one of the top two teams, but because our guys have the wrong letters on their helmets.

          • Dubyaswinford

            I think a school like Alabama has earned a little benefit of the doubt. Do I think that’s fair or right, no. Can I understand why? Yes. The SEC has “romanced” the country as far as conferences go. Whether that stems from general public perception, performance, or the dialogue from ESPN and other sports hosts/writers, I do not know. What I know is, for the most part, Alabama has proved itself worthy of the assumptions given a top 10 football program. If we had the same coattails/reputation you bet we would be riding them and in our place Alabama would be crying. I say we don’t cry or politick for positioning. I like Gundy’s policy, beat OU and then we’ll talk. As far as Standford goes, ESPN has been blowing Luck for months. That attention, along with our history of the Poke Choke that the voters are more than aware of,(Corso would testify, he almost shot me in the face over his excitement of picking us in Bedlam last year)it makes sense that they are getting just a slight bit more “human” love than us. Like Pistolsguy has been pointing out all season, the numbers talk, and the computer polls agree. Beat OU and I’ll be right there with you up in arms over where we should be playing in January.

  • pokefan928

    Consider me all in on Wes Lunt. He needs a year with Rob Glass, but my goodness.

    And can we extend an offer to his Cooper-esque favorite target? We could make it another Walsh-Stewart package deal.

    • Reed

      I was thinking the same thing, the guy had a couple of really good highlights, and it’s always good to bring in a QB and WR combo that are already familiar with each other.

    • Will

      You mean the crying kid?

      “He’s my best-friend…I’m so blessed to have a quarterback like him, I’ll tell you what.”

  • MW Jeff

    If OSU beats OU, they will be in the national championship game. No question.

    • FreeMason10

      That’s actually a pretty big question

    • Reed

      You’re about two weeks behind, I think.

  • ChivalricOutlaw

    Thank you Chris Dufresne of the LA Times! Finally, someone outside of Oklahoma recognizing that our double overtime loss to Iowa State was on the SAME DAY as the team found out about the crash, that it definitely had an effect, and that the team deserves a mulligan! Please pass this article on to all the voters in the USAToday and Harris polls!

  • CowboyMike

    KYLE – Hey, you know I love your blog, which is hands down the best place for both great links to stories on OSU and thorough, insightful, non-biased evaluation of our teams.

    I don’t like message board because it’s all kool-aid drinkers unwilling to see where our Pokes need to improve. God forbid you suggest something isn’t working right and those message board denizes eat you alive.

    You don’t pull that puch, and it garners a lot of respect from readers like me. Thank you so much for keeping this up and going (and let us know if there is any help you need to do that, yes I’d pay to support the site).

    With that, however, comes one small request that I’d humbly ask you to consider. As prelude, please be certain that I fully understand this is your site and you are free to post what you want here. Could you leave the politics out? As someone who works in the political arena every damn day, the last thing I wanted to click on was a link about a potential presidential candidate (right or left).

    Plus, it will only alienate part of your fan base and lead to long-winded, self-indulgent “rants” from supportive fans of yours.

    OSU stuff, college stuff of interest or relevance, pro stuff of the same, some cultural funny stuff. All good. Politics and religion are the sports blog third rail; nothing can be gained by going there.

    For your consideration. Thank you if you read all of this. Regardless of the choice you make, I’ll be lurking and reading, and dropping the periodic comment as always. And I’ll remain grateful someone with actual writing ability, talent and a fresh eye is finally meeting my needs as a fan.

    Go POKES!

    Regarding your post above, is it wrong to have a man crush on a player before he’s even out of high school? Watching Lunt’s highlights all year and I see the second coming of Brandon Weeden.

    • I love this blog and it’s been my daily read for months.

      I agree on the political stuff – keep it focused here on the fun stuff.

      Re man crush: I work at Syracuse University – based on the email my Chancellor sent last night, I’d say no…

    • Kyle Porter

      Mike – Something I’ll definitely consider. Also, for the record, I wasn’t endorsing PR at all, simply calling my shot for 2016, much like I think Obama will win next year…

      But your concerns are noted and I really appreciate the thought and care you put into that comment, many thanks to smart readers like you.

      And no, man crushes on 6’6 QBs are never inappropriate.