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Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets

• Gundy on the QB situation
• Bedlam as a top 15 game last year
• Amazing Marcus Smart pass




We plan on playing both guys. Wow. Gundy on Sirius XM Radio yesterday. Sounds like we’re going to have a Chris Leak/Tim Tebow thing going on. (Sound Cloud)

Stew Mandel’s top 10 coaches has Art Briles in it but no Mike Gundy. (Sports Illustrated)

Bedlam as the 15th best football game last year. (ESPN)

Tulsa World has Calvin Barnett as the second best DL in the Big 12. (Tulsa World)

OKC Dave doing OKC Dave things. (FSH)

Is this a new site? I think it is. Anyway, pretty good post about defenses. TCU’s D-coordinator just hasn’t been there long enough to get fired. (Football)

There really isn’t a favorite in the Big 12 passing race, mostly because nobody totally knows who’s playing yet for OSU. (ESPN)

Gina with some interesting thoughts on the season here. (Horns Nation)


When the OSU athletics account tweeted out that it was recognized for overall athletic success in 2012-2013 I thought “oh cool, maybe an ESPY or something?!” Then I clicked on this and actually laughed out loud. (

Good news, Nacho Victory shirts are on sale. (

Somebody PLEASE make the 24-second shot clock happen. (Sports Illustrated)

Interesting look at which states tweet the most about college football. (CBS Sports)

This shocked me. (Big Lead)

Brian Phillips on Andy Murray. Of course it’s great. (Grantland)

Speaking of Grantland, my brother got a nice shout there yesterday. (Grantland)

This is insane, and pretty awesome. (Orange Power)

Really good stuff here on the U19 team. Not much on Smart, but still good. (Yahoo)

Incredible collection of diving catches. (Big Lead)

Natalja Piliusina broke her own school record on Monday. (Tulsa World)


Marcus Smart’s pass at the 0:35 mark..

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