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Stewart Mandel says “not so fast my friends, let’s play Bedlam first.” (Sports Illustrated)

John Brandon (an “SEC guy”) says voters should let OSU in, because “If you don’t let the best non-SEC team play, that would be prejudice that precludes pride.” I don’t agree with his reasoning, but appreciate him reppin’ OSU. (Grantland)

Pretty cool interview of Brad Edwards by Gina Mizell here. (NewsOK)

“Once we start doing those little things, we could be a great basketball team.” (O’Colly)

Gene Wojciechowski addresses his “insensitivity” to the plane crash, then proceeds to rank OSU #8 in his poll. (ESPN)

Le’Bryan is back? This season is going to be a complete roller coaster. (NewsOK)

Haha, Ubben calls a split Big 12 crown “the weakest of sauces.” (ESPN)

Mike on Cale: “To be honest, I forget he’s over there. When I get into the game … I think, ‘What’s he doing over there?'”(ESPN)

I’d never heard this story before that Weeden was playing on Lewis Field during the 16-13 game. Great stuff from John Helsley. (NewsOK)

Intriguing look at the recruiting battles that have gone on of late between OSU and OU. (ESPN Insider)

Boomer Sooner flowchart. Just awesome. (CRFF)

Landry hasn’t had a TD pass in the last two weeks? (ESPN)

James Poling says Gundy is focused on the right things. (O’Colly)

It’s not Gina’s fault, but the Oklahoman should be better than a blurry twitpic that I can’t even read. (NewsOK)

Didn’t know this: OU has given up the fewest sacks of any FBS team. (ESPN)

Pretty cool look at the best college teams on the PGA Tour. (PGA Tour)

John Klein on how far OSU and Tulsa hoops teams have fallen. (Tulsa World)

Lester, love you. (Fieldhouse Media)

OU Kicker, Michael Hunnicutt: “This past game was the most solid balls I’ve hit all year.” (NewsOK)

In case you missed the “I want Weeden and Blackmon to die” tweet from @mattiynch yesterday… (CRFF)

Former Oklahoma State golfing star, Chris Tidland, holds a record I bet he wish he didn’t. (ESPN)

George Schroeder on something bigger than sports. (Register-Guard)

Rob Rang thinks Robert Griffin has all the NFL tools and that Weeden “raises questions.” I don’t even have a joke here. (CBS Sports)

Definitely want to see these babies in a third world country somewhere in a few weeks…

Darren Rovell's photo BCS National Championship T-Shirt Designs Leaking Out (via @Butch_Bellah)
Darren Rovell on WhoSay

I’ve seen a lot of really stupid Brandon Weeden/age jokes, this is not one of them. h/t @ThomasMatheson

They would have…

Yeah, this is not good…

Kevin DeShazo doing big boy things.

First – don’t make this video. Second – if you make the video, don’t use papyrus font. Third – if you make the video, edit out the throw at the 38-second mark.

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