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Your must read of the day about an Asian golfer who wouldn’t take no for an answer from Mike McGraw. (O’Colly)

College Gameday is shooting a commercial on a campus this summer and basing their choice on who generates the most social media buzz. OSU is getting crushed right now. (College Gameday)

It’s sad to me how little everyone is into baseball right now. (NewsOK)

Q&A with Weeden. Not sure on what universe you’re NOT reading a BW Q&A. (

Definitely a sign the pre-draft stuff has been going on too long, but this is also the only scenario in which Brandon Weeden is going to go #1 overall. (Tweet Star Game)

Stoops doesn’t want a playoff but he kind of does. (NewsOK)

I agree with the premise here, but “Walsh likely won’t declare for the NFL draft”??? And I likely won’t write for The Atlantic this year! (O’Colly)

Blackmon went 6th in this ESPN blogger mock draft. (ESPN)

Andrew Heaney is second in the country in Ks. (NCAA)

Dickie V. has OSU ranked #40 next year. Whatever. (ESPN)

Interesting look at what effect the O’Colly paywall has had over the last year. (PBS)

Very cool…

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Does this remind you of someone (h/t @jdubOKC)

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