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John Brandon thinks Texas is going to give OSU fits. (Grantland)

Ubben is pretty excited about the thought of OU and OSU being undefeated on Dec. 3rd (ESPN)

Gundy doesn’t see the other players like he sees Weeden. (NewsOK)

Good read here from Ubben on what Weeden is going to do to the Texas secondary. (ESPN)

Even Texas fans think OSU’s defense is underrated. (Barking Carnival)

Good thoughts on Depth Chart from Gina Mizell. Glad to see someone else thought the Chelf/Walsh Bagel Cafe exchange was hilarious as well. (NewsOK)

Blackmon and Sharp are mid-season All-Americans. (ESPN)

Manny Diaz said he had OU right where he wanted them. By all means then, keep doing what you’re doing. (Austin American-Statesman)

Wait a second. Desmond shattered a backboard his freshman year?! How did I not know about this!!? (

Mike Huguenin picks OSU to beat Texas 38-28. (Rivals)

Anthony Slater previews the Texas Oklahoma State matchup. (O’Colly)

Casey LaBrue calls Grant Garner “the heart of the offense.” (AP)

Ubben has it at 41-27. (ESPN)

This is terrible: an Edmond North sophomore football player died last night. (NewsOK)

Not even a single 5th place vote for Weeden on the ESPN Heisman poll. (ESPN)

He has, however, made some hay over here. (Heisman Pundit)

Vote for your favorite OSU uniform so far this year. (NewsOK)

Jonah Keri and Chris Jones could write 20k words about poop and I’d read it. (Grantland)

Phenomenal take on Stillwater and OSU by the dude who produced Depth Chart…

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