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The dude who voted Houston #5 and OSU #6: “I probably don’t do as much research…” (

Really cool user’s guide to the Tempe area by Gina Mizell. Complete with must-visit bars and restaurants. (NewsOK)

Hopefully not the last time I’m quoted on Grantland. Great stuff (as always) from Brian Phillips. He writes beautifully. (Grantland)

Great idea here from John Rhode on what OSU fans can do to affect the national title picture for OSU. (NewsOK)

Our first 2011 OSU book. (O’Colly)

Berry Tramel is correct here: we should enjoy the Fiesta Bowl. (NewsOK)

This is pretty sobering. (Tulsa World)

Brad Edwards thinks OSU would be playing for the title with a conference championship. (ESPN)

Chris Peterson is about as happy with the BCS as you and I are. (Dr. Saturday)

Jenni Carlson agrees with me about the absurdity of the Harris poll voters. (NewsOK)

Here’s Mike Gundy on Dan Patrick. (Dan Patrick Show)

And here he is on Van Peezy. (Scott Van Pelt Show)

And finally with Doug Gottlieb. (Doug Gottlieb Show)

When .009 = $400,000. (CBS Sports)

Rivals has the Fiesta as its best bowl matchup. (Yahoo!)

Stewart Mandel seems impressed that OSU isn’t disappointed. (Sports Illustrated)

Pretty interesting article arguing for the merits of the BCS in lieu of a playoff. (ESPN Insider)

The yellow-shirt surrounding the field were “kind of out-manned somewhat.” Yeah, no kidding. (AP)

Great stuff here from Anthony Slater on how OSU has come full circle. (O’Colly)

Also, this got kind of buried on Friday but Slater was featured on Grantland previewing Bedlam. Pretty awesome. (Grantland)

Gundy is an Eddie Robinson coach of the year finalist. (

Robin Ventura was at the basketball game on Sunday and Gundy was asked to participate in the halftime shootout but missed badly. (Tulsa World)

“Eight years of frustration being unleashed in about five minutes.” Indeed. (ESPN)

Good synopsis of Bedlam wrestling this upcoming Sunday from a fan. (Google+)

Phenomenal rooftop video of OSU students storming the field. h/t Ryan Sharp (NewsOK)

Here’s every combination of uniform worn by OSU this year. (

Two out of three? (Justin Gilbert)

Jason McIntyre says the Oklahoma State snubbing could lead to a playoff. (The Big Lead)

Truth from a Cowboy FB here:

Bron Bron weighs in:

One of the many great scenes from Saturday night:

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