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Great quote from Gundy here on his coaches being hired: “I used to hide that stuff, but I don’t know why anybody hides it anymore. Everyone’s trying to hire our coaches.” (NewsOK)

You know it’s a slow news day when you’re linking stories about Markelle Martin’s wristbands. (Yahoo!)

There’s a punter at Buffalo from Australia who’s older than Weeden. (NewsOK)

Bill Haisten thinks a Gundy deal is close. (Tulsa World)

A pretty interesting follow up by Berry Tramel on his Gundy/salary thoughts yesterday. (NewsOK)

Good stat here from the Alabama OSU game on Wednesday. (CRFF)

Some pretty impressive numbers for OSU fans, and also why I won’t be going to the Fiesta Bowl. (Tulsa World)

Here are the game notes for the Fiesta Bowl. (

Terrible, terrible news for Texas A&M. Feel awful for them and this dude’s family. (ESPN)

Ubben says OSU’s offensive production is one of the biggest Big 12 surprises of 2011. (ESPN)

Thanks to the guy running the @FauxCoachHolgs Twitter account for this Christmas picture:

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