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Here’s Ubben’s recap from Glendale. It’s really good and includes this doozy from Weeden: “You can’t stop 81. Especially when he’s pissed off.” (ESPN)

And here’s the always excellent Matt Hinton on Stanford and OSU. (Dr. Saturday)

Great stuff here from Berry Tramel on a fitting end to a dream season. (NewsOK)

Andy Staples with a great line here: “the teams had to play a meaningless exhibition that meant everything.” (Sports Illustrated)

Wow, I don’t mind writers taking different angles but Pat Forde barely talked about OSU in his article on the game. (Yahoo!)

Solid leftover thoughts from Ubben on the game last night. He nailed all of them, well maybe except the one on Stanford’s band. (ESPN)

Awesome post breaking down one of Blackmon’s slant route scores last night. (Grantland)

Strong post here by Jenni Carlson, says Blackmon was the best player on the field Monday night. (NewsOK)

Blackmon: “”I think we do have the best team in the nation.” (CBS Sports)

Ivan Maisen has a pretty good story here that includes a CLASSIC Colton Chelf quote. (ESPN)

Oh Thayer, I’m sorry OSU is ruining all the SEC dreams you are having. Troll on my friend, troll on. (Fox Sports)

How many pairs of Toms does this dude have? (Fox Sports)

Anthony Slater with a great article on how great Justin Blackmon’s career really was. (O’Colly)

Jason McIntyre on…the importance of kickers. (The Big Lead)

“A Leg Up” is pretty good, not the best, but pretty good. (NewsOK)

Tom FitzGerald says the Cowboys had all the fun at the finish line. (San Francisco Chronicle)

Scott Allen says Stanford lost because it played too conservative. Kind of ironic considering its band’s antics, no? (Rule of Tree)

Put up 186 and 3? Check. Declare for the NFL draft after the game? Check. Make out with OSU cheerleader and ride off into the sunset? See y’all. (Getty)

Mel Bracht says ESPN’s broadcast last night was spot on. (NewsOK)

Pretty good writeup here from a Stanford fan’s perspective. (Daily Axe)

Strong line here: “They can give the Heisman to Baylor’s Robert Griffin III. But they’re going to give the money to Andrew Luck.” (San Francisco Chronicle)

Dave Sittler says voters should consider a split national title. (Tulsa World)

I really wish OSU wouldn’t allow this stuff to be sold. (

Jeff Eisenberg notes that while OSU’s football program has many reasons to celebrate, its basketball program does not. (The Dagger)

Shot of the night, via @jonswanfeld:

Is he athletic, or no?

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