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Daily Bullets (August 12) – Cowboy Offense’s Defining Quality, Boynton’s Looking Good on the Point Guard Reload, Rickie’s Chances at the PGA



Running Without Rudolph

Towards the end of a fantastic, must-read piece on OSU Football, Ian Boyd looks at what the trick to the 2018 Cowboy offense will be.

What’s unique about this upcoming OSU team is that this is the first time this decade that they’re bringing back the pieces to execute a strong running game and not a top QB/WR tandem.

Hill is now a junior and backed up by J.D. King, who ran for 469 yards a year ago as the back-up. The OSU OL returns three men with starting experience up front in Marcus Keyes, Johnny Wilson, and Larry Williams and also FB Britton Abbott and his back-up Sione Finefeuiaki.

Their situation in the passing game is fairly promising with a loaded cast of WRs back even after losing NFL-bound James Washington and Marcell Ateman but currently the trigger-man is former walk-on Taylor Cornelius.

Judging by their record over the course of this decade, the OSU offense is truly at its best when the spread run game is clicking and forcing teams to pack it in, making the outside and vertical throws that much easier. [Football Study Hall]

While I love the third-and-long draw play just as much as the next guy, explaining how the offense is predicated on filling up the box to free up the edges for your all-satellite team makes a lot of sense.

Good Feelings

While’s Andy Katz has Cowboy Basketball at the bottom of his Big 12 power rankings, he does so with plenty of disclaimers.

How soon before Oklahoma State makes a mockery of its power ranking position? Probably by December. Once again, I struggled where to put the Cowboys, and if I had to do it again I might push them up to at least eighth, if not seventh. The return of Cameron McGriff and the eventual eligibility of Indiana transfer Curtis Jones should catapult the Cowboys higher.

Mike Boynton told that Michael Weathers, a transfer from Miami of Ohio, and freshman Isaac Likekele will have breakout seasons. Boynton had the Cowboys a game or two away from a bid last season. I don’t see why he couldn’t pull that off again and put the Cowboys in position for a bid in March. []

The guard positions sound plenty promising between Weathers, Likekele, Curtis Jones and Mike Cunningham. How Dizzy and the boys play on the wing will go a long way in sealing the Cowboys fate. Reports out of the Euro Trip on the point guards are encouraging.

Cunningham, Weathers and Likekele all had bright spots throughout the tour. Likekele shined, averaging 10.7 points and 5.7 rebounds in his first three games of collegiate action. Cunningham proved an effective passer with 10 assists total. Weathers bounced back from an eight-turnover outing in the Cowboys’ opener to score in the double-digits the next two games. Add in Curtis Jones, who won’t be eligible until after the fall semester, and OSU could be running four-deep at point guard. [NewsOK]

OSU and NCAA Notes

Rickie Fowler among those most likely to catch the leader at the PGA Championship….Even without Briles and Stoops, the Big 12 still leads the nation in iconic football coaches….College Football Playoff committee met earlier this week to talk recusals and release dates….This list of likable college football teams has the Pokes in the top five (and Sooners outside the top ten)….Neat story on Taylor Cornelius “the guy”, not the “quarterback”

Rickie lurking – back three going into the final round.

Happy 51st to the GOAT.

The Big Ten is having a trainwreck moment with its flagship brand is floundering and Maryland barely beat Texas. Then Maryland had all sorts of terrible things come out.

If nothing else is known about culture, winning is certainly a part of the one that’s been built in Stillwater.

This is a pretty good one.

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