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Daily Bullets (August 21) – Revised Waving Song, Late Analyst Add to Gundy’s Staff?



New State Song?

There was a funny thing the guys at were doing (via Eleven Warriors) where they translate a school’s fight song into another language via Google Translate, then translate it back to English. The results were pretty good (especially OU’s) but OSU’s sounds like it could be Oklahoma’s new state song.

I went waving song + OSU chant from English -> Hebrew -> English:

The State of Oklahoma! The State of Oklahoma!
Sing your praises tonight;
To let you know where we’re going,
For orange and black fights
We will sing out the value of the whole earth
And shouted: Kay! Ki Ye!
In the books of glory we will write your name, the state of Oklahoma!

go! go! Go Fox! Go Fox! Go Fox! go!
Oh! S! U
OSU, the largest in the country!
OSU, the team that has the spirit to go and the will to win.
Make a score and we shout, “Beat OU!”
OSU, it’s orange and black we cheering for victory today,
So it says: O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A! Country! university! [GoogleTranslate]

What’s better – “Oklahoma! Country! University!” or “to let you know where we’re going – for orange and black fights”?

A Change of Heart

While Gary Gibbs coached at Oklahoma from 1975-1994, he could soon find himself on the other side of the Bedlam battle.

Go Pokes learned that former OU head coach Gary Gibbs will be back this week to visit with Gundy and Gibbs may be hired to serve as an analyst or consultant for the Cowboys this season as Gibbs is looking to return to coaching.  [GoPokes]

After floating around major college football and the NFL, Gibbs would be a wealth of defensive knowledge for the Pokes.

OSU and NCAA Notes

Tramel looks at Hovland’s amateur title win….Cowboy receiver Landon Wolf placed on scholarship….This was fun – candid college football coaches share thoughts….Details on Greg Richmond’s return to Stillwater were fun….Scott Wright interviewed Cowboy receiver L.C. Greenwood

Heartbreaker here for the former Poke.

Catch Dez’s comments tonight on HBO:

For a guy who has struggled to pick the right guy first, he’s done a great job of having the right guy on the roster.

…and here’s why you won’t hear Texas is back from me until Texas finds a quarterback (and he wins nine games).

Urban appears likely to be safe.

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