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Daily Bullets (August 23) – Pat Jones Gives His Optimistic Win Total, Yurcich Making Short Lists, Death of the RPI



Ten Wins or Bust

Former Cowboy head coach-turned-radio personality Pat Jones has the Pokes winning double-digit games this fall.

OSU has a streak of three consecutive 10-win seasons, and Jones expects a 10-2 regular season from the 2018 Cowboys: “I came out of the spring thinking eight or nine wins, but now I’m thinking 10. I like the devil out of Oklahoma State’s schedule. They could be 7-0 going into the Texas game. I think they will be, unless they get beat up in some sort of crazy way. These OSU kids have won a lot of ballgames. They have a lot of momentum. They practice that way.” [TulsaWorld]

High praise from the former Cowboy boss. The biggest question mark most pundits come across is quarterback – and Coach Jones didn’t shy away from his thoughts on Yurcich’s quarterback room. Spoiler – his tenor majorly affects his win total prediction.

Jones on the Cowboy quarterbacks: “I think (Taylor Cornelius) is way better than people are expecting, and I think (backup) Dru Brown is a credible player. Cornelius is the guy. Dru Brown is the wild card in this deal. With what I saw, either one of those kids would start at Arkansas right now. Two years from now, I think we’ll speak glowingly of (OSU freshman) Spencer Sanders.” [TulsaWorld]

Most Eligible Coordinators

Mike Yurcich made ESPN’s list for top coordinators that could be looking to take a head coaching job in 2019.

Mike Yurcich, Oklahoma State: The coordinator Mike Gundy found on the internet could soon be leading his own program. Yurcich, 41, was in the mix for Kent State’s coaching vacancy last winter but can aim a bit higher. Now making $800,000 annually, Yurcich can be selective but would be a good choice for upper-level Group of 5 jobs, especially in the MAC, American or Conference USA. [ESPN Insider $$$]

If they could afford him, places like Memphis (assuming Norvel gets a head coaching gig), Tulsa, or Arkansas State would be great fits. Maybe a little Western Michigan-rowing the boat and Yurcich would be in the Big Ten in no time.

OSU and NCAA Notes

NCAA is ending it’s use of RPI – moving to “NET”….Conventional wisdom and counterpoints on AP’s Top 25 teams….Why did Urban Meyer hire Zach Smith in the first place?….Bill Connelly on Chip Kelly was a solid piece….See the 2018 pre-season All-American team

Urban Meyer findings and verdict came out last night – suspended three games.

Chamberlain Cobbins headed to the nation’s capital to play for the expansion G-League team.

Follow up from yesterday’s news that Tech’s running back in trouble – JK guys.

Expert negotiating by Texas A&M here.

…and their return on investment has been fantastic so far. Part one in coach’s back peddling yesterday.

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This heist story is incredible.

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