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Daily Bullets (February 24)



On Ole Miss and OSU

Robert Allen has strong feelings about the Ole Miss mess.

I know I should be more upset at Baylor. What they were doing were actually violating the rights of innocent women and then trying to cover up the crimes. However, I really feel that Oklahoma State, the players, the coaches and the fans that paid good money to see their team play in what was supposed to be a fair game were cheated. I want to see Ole Miss kicked hard in the gut. I want to see their football program brought down to barely being able to field a team.

I’ve seen that kind of penalty before with my own two eyes in Stillwater, so did Mike Gundy right after his playing days as he launched his coaching career working on Pat Jones’ staff. He saw that his mentor and his college head coach couldn’t pull the program back up out of that probation. He saw how hopeless it became and that at Oklahoma State cheating may get you up but it will also bring the program down to depths it can’t recover from. [Go Pokes – $]

I’ll sit this one out.

Gundy talks QBs

Wudtee get the first shout out.

“Seems to be highly intelligent in the room, which, in our offense with what we do, as fast as we move, is pretty important,” Gundy said. “And at this time, seems to be the guy that we look for. A guy that can do the things that we need to do throwing the ball, but also run the ball some. So he’s going to get a lot of work.

“Taylor is going to get a lot of work because he’s a better runner than what people think. And then obviously Kolar and Jelani. And there’s just not enough reps for them, but we just have to see where they’re at.” [Tulsa World]

I bet the spring shakes out like this: Rudolph-Wudtee-Oil Baron with Jelani getting the redshirt and Kolar getting mop-up duty.

Josh Holliday on team management

Would read: A book co-authored by Gundy, Underwood, Holliday and John Smith on team management of college kids.

Monday night, after the Cowboys were shut out and lost their season-opening series against Grand Canyon in Phoenix, Holliday, OSU’s coach, and his team spent an evening at a Topgolf in the area, reuniting with several former Cowboys participating in MLB Spring Training in Arizona.

The night enabled the Cowboys to spend time bonding rather than sulking.

“Instead of going back to the hotel and sitting around stewing on getting shut out and losing a game, we got back together as a group and stayed connected,” Holliday said. “What we’re here to do is not dwell on the results; it’s to find the solutions and make the improvements, and that night was a chance for the team to be together.” [O’Colly]

Mike Holder right now:

Tyler Buffett, ace?

Awesome profile here of Buffett.

As a new season begins and players across the country shake off offseason rust, should Buffett struggle, he need not worry. He has earned the respect of his coach. He has worked for it.

“I have great faith in him,” Holliday said. “If I’m ever going to go into a season and have a guy not have a great outing to start, I want to do it with Tyler Buffett. I want that guy on my team all year.

“Good, bad or indifferent, I don’t care; he’s our guy.” [O’Colly]

OSU and NCAA Notes

OSU and USC as the top two offenses of 2017? Put it in my veinsMike Gundy wrote the Big 12 a $10,000 check for missing the ESPN car wash thing … Brandon Averette is 14-17 in his last seven games … The star of the only team to start conference play 0-6 and make the NCAA Tournament? Len Bias.

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I’m sorry, I can’t help it, I love Steph … It’s a wonderful time to be a Christian … An elegy for the library … If you’re not reading Ben Thompson, you should be ( if you’re into tech and media). He was on the Simmons pod this week.

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