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Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets (July 2)



Football misc.

Dez is trying to help get NBA free agents to the Mavericks. (CBS)

Jenni Carlson thinks selling alcohol at football games would help teams have less fighting drunkenness etc. I don’t disagree. (NewsOK)

You can vote on where College GameDay should go for Week 1. (SB Nation)

How Jimmy Johnson changed the game:

Johnson’s non-negotiables: speed and intelligence. “Speed, speed, speed, No. 1 factor,” said Ed Orgeron, who joined Johnson’s Miami staff in 1988. “Good athletes with skinny ankles, round butts — had that racehorse look to them.” Johnson initiated his system at Oklahoma State, but it truly blossomed in Miami, where he had a buffet of local high school recruits at his disposal. (ESPN)

Three players returning from injury who could make an impact this year. (PFB)

Why the Big 12 should expand to 14 teams. This is logical but I’m not sure anyone cares about conference TV networks in the long run. Maybe they do. I don’t think I do other than inasmuch as they would show every live basketball/football game of my team (which ESPN and Fox already do). (OKTC)

Shockingly, David Boren thinks Frank Shannon and Joe Mixon will be better off for having been disciplined. Then he compares it to parenting. (Yahoo)

Uniform talk

Tennessee’s new threads are pretty good. Keep it simple, people. Also, they took a $750K paycut to go back to Nike from Adidas. (Yahoo)

What is OSU’s brand and how do uniforms affect that? An up-tempo team that values the run as much as the pass with a defense that lives to create turnovers. (Sports Illustrated)

Rob Glass

We have a Rob Glass section, people!

This made me laugh.

And this is scary and awesome.

Hoops misc.

Are college basketball jobs more stable than football? Yes. (NewsOK)

Gonna win the ‘ship now. (Daily Thunder)

Here’s a list of OSU dudes playing in the NBA Summer League. (PFB)

Also, this one.

Other sports

England’s Iowa State moment. (Big Lead)

More stuff I’m reading

As soon as someone says, “I am more pious than you,” they’ve chosen to push someone down in order to pull themselves up, at least in feeling more secure as a member of the tribe. (Godin)

Don’t get lost in your own creativity. Sort of a FIGJAM move here, but worth taking a look at. (99U)

I do not want telepathy to be a thing. (CNN Money)

GOAT headline? (LA Times)

This is crazy (via Kottke).

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