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Daily Bullets (July 24)



Bob 2.0 (In a Sense)

A fun wrinkle from Gundy’s visit to ESPN leads one to believe that Gundy is willing to pick up Stoops’ flag and poke at the SEC.

His only regret: a scheduled show with Paul Finebaum, noted critic of Big 12 defenses, is shelved, with Edwards replacing him due to the Hugh Freeze firing news. Gundy had been contemplating another opportunity at going viral.

“I was leaning towards challenging him a little bit, instigate, stand up for the league,” he said. “We’d get a ton of marketing out of it.” [NewsOK]

Gosh how incredible would a Finebaum-Gundy debate have been? No way he doesn’t sprinkle in a few comments about how Ole Miss had to go beyond the rules to beat his Sugar Bowl team.

Next Gen

In a banner year for Oklahoma State wide receivers, the future looks just as bright with guys like four-star CJ Moore on the way.

“You definitely have to have a plan for (Moore),” Union coach Kirk Fridrich said. “To me, he does a great job. … He moves a lot like a slot receiver that’s playing outside. I think that’s what catches people off guard a little bit is how fluid he is with the ball in his hand. It’s not just where he outran somebody and caught a deep ball, some of that’s underneath stuff that he’s also able to make people miss.” [NewsOK]

A 6’4″ underneath threat that’s a deadly deep ball target? There’s a reason Bama’, Ohio State and Oklahoma called.

OSU and NCAA Notes

Boone Pickens took a “Texas-sized fall” but is doing well….Really sad outcome in the life of a former Cowboy football player….Scandal-induced coaching changes haven’t worked well historically….How Penn State football recovered over five years….Bonus: Gundy talks with some ESPN guys on recruiting/life as the elder statesman (~17:50 to 28:40)

Vote Jawun/Shippy 2017.

Barry speaks!

Late to the party but hope everyone had a great “Day of the Cowboy” over the weekend.

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Other Stuff I’m Reading

Wise people set rules for themselves (you’ll love if you’re type A)….William Wilberforce: a model of determination

Side note, a close parallel with Oklahoma State having really competitive football teams.

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