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Daily Bullets (July 28)



Sweet Six

Everybody knows about Washington, Jalen McCleskey, Marcel Ateman and Chris Lacy. Tyron Johnson is doubling or tripling the hype Barry J. Sanders received last year. But who has the coaches’ raving?

…Cowboys receivers coach Kasey Dunn says the list of premium players at the position actually extends to six, including Dillon Stoner.

“He can really play,” Dunn said Thursday at Karsten Creek, following the Mike Gundy Media Golf Day. “He’s killing it. He’s had a tremendous summer.” [NewsOK]

A year of Stoner will be fascinating and seeing what had Gundy and Co. handing the reins to him in his first game should be awesome.

Cowboy Backs are Back

ESPN investigated the use of tight ends in college football – and the Cowboys are a part of a wave of teams going back to the position.

The benefit, Gundy says, is “you have the ability to run a seven-man running play and a five-man passing play,” with those players in the game. The Cowboys, like many others, use a tight end in the backfield where a fullback — a position that has gone the way of the dodo bird — used to be.

Texas A&M and West Virginia are also teams that, like Oklahoma State, rarely used tight ends five years ago but do so frequently now. [ESPN]

When implemented a few years back, it felt like it was just a remedy for bad offensive line play. But maybe Gundy stumbled into some incredible versatility that makes a lot of sense.

OSU and NCAA Notes

“It’s foolish that (Oklahoma State) isn’t predicted to win the Big 12″ (start at 41 minutes) ….How Lane Kiffin is bringing attention to Florida‘s sixth best football program….College football player and concussion trauma….OJ Simpson, when paroled, won’t be allowed back at his alma mater

Sinor is taking his game to the next level, look out Oil Baron.

Bundage is another Jordan Burton type of athlete on the outside – so fun. Glenn Spencer feels pretty good about him too.

Mike Leach is a treasure.

This guy is going into the eighth grade… Not yet into high school.

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