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Daily Bullets (July 29)



Game Altering Offense

Part of what Glenn Spencer and crew have to process is how Mason hanging half-a-hundred on a defense will do to a gameplan.

There are times Rudolph will take some stress off his defense, no doubt.

“If things are going well and we’re scoring well, the other team might get out of their game plan,” Spencer pointed out. “They might have to play catch-up, so you might get into your longer-yard series more than you would normal down-and-distance.”

“We might become more conservative at that point,” Clements allowed, “and go into more of a bend-but-don’t-break knowing we have a lead or the game in hand.” [TulsaWorld]

Does scoring in volume with low turnovers lead to playing defense against an eager, predictable offense? If Mason and Co. hop out ahead of opponents, they inevitably will need to toss it around to get back in it… Hello, interceptions.

_____ and Justice for All?

Who will tag team carrying the rock in the backfield with freshman All-American Justice Hill? Redshirt freshman Ja’Ron Wilson appears to have the first go at it but here’s what Gundy laid out the timeline for the touted incoming freshman at this point.

Gundy said the first three weeks in August will determine King and Hubbard’s viability this year.

“Whether they can pick the system up, if there’s a shock to be playing at this level or practicing at this level, if they can stay healthy,” Gundy said of the variables. “It’s hard to predict. We like what we have. We’ve got one guy (Hubbard) that’s just blazing fast, but his body needs to be developed. We’ve got another guy (King) that’s fast but not blazing fast, but his body is developed.” [TulsaWorld]

There you have it: they get three weeks. Spelling Hill and keeping him fresh will be huge and that’s a Chris Carson-sized hole to fill.

OSU and NCAA Notes

Pitt dismissed a starting defensive end and suspended their best defender for three games….Ten worst CFB games ever (No. 5 was COMPLETELY avoidable)….Fun piece on college football players and their famous dads….XFL quarterback to head coach at a Big Ten school

Mercy, Dillard’s hops are unreal.

Happy late birthday to Lindy Waters – and his size 16’s!

In this day and age, making it to 100 at a school definitely means something.

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