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Daily Bullets (June 11)



Good morning. Steven is off today, and I’ll be presenting the DBs. Also, I’m very proud of the podcast we made that will drop later on this morning. You should come back and check it out.

Ballpark Update

It sounds like the baseball stadium is progressing nicely.

The stadium announcement preceded the Cowboys’ 13-1 run in Big 12 play, which Holliday directly credited to the jolt the announcement provided. He hopes that same energy can carry throughout the 2019 season and beyond.

“It’s gonna be such a change,” Holliday said. “It’s just gonna be something new that we’ve not had here in really a long, long time. It’s gonna create some excitement and interest that’s only gonna benefit us and it’s gonna be a lot of fun for our fans, our players to come to a new home here hopefully by 2020.” [ NewsOK]

As good as this park is going to be, I think I might be equally excited about one final year in Allie P.

Goats and Sheep

This is how I imagine every Gundy recruiting endeavor going.

While on his official visit, Jernigan visited Gundy’s home. When he saw goats and sheep out front, along with a stream, he and fellow recruit Xavier Ross — who also committed to OSU — were confused about where they were.

They were soon introduced to the entire compound, including a shooting range, playground and a big slide that ends in Gundy’s pool. More than that, though, the time Jernigan said he was able to spend around Gundy’s family was valuable to his process.

“He lets us stay with his kids,” Jernigan said. “We talked to his wife about eight times. She’s always fun and outgoing. So everything was just a good family aspect.” [Tulsa World]

Goats and GOATs doing some crootin’.

New Schedule

Great stuff here from Mike Boynton on how OSU’s new schedule came together. Said the Cowboys reached out to every old Big 12 team for scheduling.

Now, Oklahoma State might have a nonconference schedule to match it. Boynton’s goal is to leave the selection committee no choice this March — so long as the Cowboys can win some of the tougher matchups added to their slate.

“I don’t know if I’m going to feel as good about this on Nov. 1 as I do on June 1 but I understand part of our challenge is at this point, we haven’t done enough consistently enough to get the benefit of the doubt,” Boynton said. “So let’s not put ourselves in a position where we leave it up to chance.” [Tulsa World]

OSU And NCAA Notes

New NC State unis (not good) … It’s officially summer when we’re talking to Nick Saban about soap … Oklahoma State with five of the top 18 Big 12 games of 2018 … Jelani Woods on what it’s been like to transition to Cowboy Back … You’ve seen the pics, now here’s the story on Patrick McKaufman and the Endeavor Games … OSU is trying to get in on this WR who runs a 4.3 … Speaking of WRs, OSU stealing somebody from Indiana and UETP would be right in Gundy’s wheelhouse.

Luke is moving on from PFB to bigger and better things. Very proud of what he did here.

An OSU baseball note.

Fabulous celebration.

So good.

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