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Daily Bullets (June 12)




In surveying how the BCS shaped what the College Football Playoff has become – early controversies caused by the computer rankings led to the 2011 season where the Pokes did their number on the system.

Giving more weight to the polls and less to the computers was meant to avoid situations like the human media declaring one team the champ while machines arranged for two different teams to meet in the title game. (Again, that happened.) This was back when people didn’t want computers running their lives, before we started making AI cars and self-driving toasters.

But making the polls twice as powerful as the computers helped give Bama a rematch against LSU in 2011. The Tide made it by topping Oklahoma State, which ranked No. 2 in the computers.

Everyone hated the all-SEC rematch, ratings tanked, and like five months later, the Playoff was officially announced. The computers tried to give us Oklahoma State! Bleep blorp! [SB Nation]

It was wild to read about all the ways the BCS tried to adapt, more computer, more human, more focus on wins, and on and on it flexed. But when it became painfully obvious that it fundamentally lacked the capability of giving the necessary parties a fair shake, it was done.

Especially when we were all robbed of a Gundy vs. Les Miles matchup.

Future Capacity

ESPN broke down their future power rankings for college football programs and Mike Gundy’s Cowboys slid into the top 25 at No. 23.

Quarterback is the pressing concern, as former walk-on Taylor Cornelius, Hawaii graduate transfer Dru Brown and others compete, but coach Mike Gundy’s track record suggests the position will be fine by 2019, if not sooner. There’s still good offensive skill on the roster with running back Justice Hill and receivers Jalen McCleskey, Tyron Johnson and Dillon Stoner.

Although, as a Big 12 defensive coordinator noted, “You had to pay so much attention to Washington. That’s how some of those other guys got their catches.” Offensive-line depth is always an area to watch, but the defense will be in the spotlight. Knowles developed players well at Duke, especially in the secondary. [ESPN In$]

For all of the swings and misses around keeping Brandon Weeden on the bench, I couldn’t agree more with the idea that betting Mike Gundy would get the quarterback position resolved by 2019. And it will be interesting to see how the rest of the Cowboy receivers get open without the constant threat of Washington and Ateman.

The only key point worth questioning, and there may not be enough evidence of this yet, is to point out the offensive line depth.

OSU and NCAA Notes

Tramel ranked OSU as the eighth toughest non-conference schedule in the Big 12….Enjoyed this Q&A with Bill Self….Pokes made the top five of Big 12 Football games for 2018….GoPokes shot out their list of playmakers the Pokes need to land….Little older piece – eight steps to win a Heisman

While having more bowls seems to devalue the concept of going to a bowl, I like chalking it up as one more perk for the “amateurs”.

Stuff like this just gives you hope in America’s youth.

Insane for a school like Northwestern to land the No. 1 overall QB, regardless of it being a transfer. Does he get Giordano’s catered up to the Gold Coast every day?

Congrats to Texas and Tech for getting to (and back to) the College World Series.

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