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Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets (June 25)



Steve Mandeville is off today so you have to deal with me — the same me who forgot to do the Bullets last Monday after the U.S. Open. I remembered this time, though. Hope you guys enjoy during the real dog days of the college sports calendar. 

Let the psychoanalysis begin!

As if it hadn’t already!

“I think Oklahoma State has a little edge,” Tulsa Washington coach Brad Calip said, “because he knows all about them.”

Justice being there, though, does not appear to be another benefit for the Cowboys. He and Dax would be on campus together for only one season. He also has been lax in efforts to recruit his brother, though he’s made himself available to answer any questions Dax might have about OSU.

“He’s been hands off because he knows it’s ultimately what Daxton wants (that matters),” Tia Hill said. “… Doesn’t matter that Justice is there. It’s the goals that Daxton has in his mind.” [NewsOK]

Not to be the buzzkill here … but it would be kind of stunning of Dax ended up at Oklahoma State, right? Like, I would be shocked.

New-Look DL

These comments from JBC on his defensive line for this fall are really intriguing.

“I think just the base structure of the defense is going to allow the guys up front to play a lot more aggressive, which I like,” stated Clements about the advent of Jim Knowles as defensive coordinator. “Especially on the edge with the defensive ends, I think it is going to free them up to get them into space and into some one-on-one matchups and avoid double teams and allow them to make more plays.

“Then when it starts getting into the intrinsics of it and some of the stuff that we didn’t show during the spring game it will be able to showcase some of those guys, Jordan Brailford and Jarrell Owens and some of their athleticism to really get in there and make some plays.” [Go Pokes]

Anything that gives Jordan Brailford more freedom to do Jordan Brailford things is something I’m in favor of.

“Worth” is all relative

This on the sports revenue bubble is good. Not super detailed or in-depth but thought-provoking and an intriguing gateway to further conversations.

No one person likely thinks their priorities are a problem. They pay a $100 for a couple of tickets to a ball game or watch 30 minutes on TV. That doesn’t mean they value sports more than education or any other worthy pursuit. [Tulsa World]

RA on Dax

Robert Allen weighs in on the Dax Situation and also notes that he’s not the hype man.

What fans want to know is Dax Hill going to wind up a Cowboy? I’d love to have the insight to tell you absolutely, but I don’t and my instincts from years of covering recruiting and from speaking with Dax, his brother and Oklahoma State All-Big 12 running back Justice Hill, and his mother and father, Tia and Derrick Hill is that the Cowboys have a real chance.

This is a close family that likes to be around each other often. Justice, who has been involved but not overly in Dax’s recruiting has had a great experience at OSU. His parents like OSU, but recognize the need for Dax to make his own decision. [Go Pokes]

OSU And NCAA Notes

?Berry Tramel travebloggin‘!? … I legit enjoyed this headline … Always read Ian.

Few days late, but this is awesome.


I … enjoyed this.

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