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Daily Bullets (May 10)



Sunny Forecast and Clear Skies

In a chat on the Dallas Morning News’ site, an analyst had a strongly optimistic take on the 2018 Cowboy Football team.

I think the Big 12 championship might be riding on who wins that QB battle in Stillwater. Dru Brown is the graduate transfer from Hawaii who threw for nearly 3,000 yards and 18 TDs for the Rainbow Warriors.

He might be the perfect replacement for Mason Rudolph if he can figure things out in a hurry. But this dual-threat freshman Spencer Sanders has my attention. He put up huge numbers in high school and he could emerge as quite a playmaker. I don’t know if he’s perfect for what Mike Gundy wants to do, but he’d be fun to watch. Cornelius has been on campus and knows the offense the best. Maybe we shouldn’t rule him out. [SportsDay]

Brown sounds to be able to extend the play and is probably has the most lethal pair of quarterback wheels since J.W. Walsh. But if he can’t hit get the ball downfield to Tyron and Wallace, it’s hard for me to vote for the Flyin’ Hawaiin.

Tickets to the Show

Berry Tramel takes a look at why the Pokes (symbolic of college basketball at-large) are lowering ticket prices to entice crowds.

OSU’s 2018-19 schedule is not set. But we know that the Cowboys will participate in an Orlando, Florida, tournament with defending NCAA champion Villanova, Florida State, LSU, Memphis, Charleston, Canisius and Alabama-Birmingham. Sounds like a good, solid field.

Too bad the fans in Stillwater won’t get to see any of those teams. Instead, they’ll play in the shadow of Mickey Mouse, in front of hundreds, maybe a thousand or two, with no electricity in the air. Made-for-television events.

Just like last season, when OSU played Texas A&M, Pitt, Wichita State, Florida State and Arkansas. Only Wichita State was in Stillwater.

And the year before, when OSU played Connecticut, North Carolina, Georgetown, Maryland, Wichita State and Arkansas. Only Arkansas was in Stillwater.

And the year before that, when OSU played Minnesota, Florida and Auburn. None was in Stillwater. [NewsOK]

He’s got a point. It’s like telling folks you can fly to the coast to watch the new Avengers or you can catch an Iron Man sequel if you’ll hang around town.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if the non-conference tournaments rotated around from regional sites with conferences hosting? (Kansas City, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, etc.) It’s a happy medium between the current format and the ideal – home and homes.

OSU and NCAA Notes

Read about the wild path of a former Cowboy Basketball walk-on to the NFL….Barry Sanders’ games made the list of “top college football moments that Twitter would have been great with”….Diehards weighed in on their least favorite football uni combo for each Big 12 school….Rickie Fowler’s back at the Players and looking to take the next (massive) step

Weren’t a lot of Randy Rutherford’s or Phil Forte’s running around in the 40’s.

The year of Barry is a fun watch.

Congrats to the young Cowgirls on a bright future.

This is kind of a bummer, usually, the Pokes sign a haul early then slide down the rankings.

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