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Daily Bullets (May 11)



The Replacements

Soon-to-arrive Cowboy Dru Brown intrigues college football talking heads as an immediate impact guy.

It will be interesting to see whether any or all of these QBs can win the starting job at their new destinations: Keller Chryst, formerly of Stanford, at Tennessee; Wilton Speight, formerly of Michigan, at UCLA; Dru Brown, formerly of Hawaii, at Oklahoma State; Brandon Dawkins, formerly of Arizona, at Indiana; K.J. Carta-Samuels, formerly of Washington, at Colorado State.

None are the next Russell Wilson, but they have experience (some more than others) to build on. [The Athletic]

So somewhere below Russell Wilson seems like a good heads up. Game experience may be Brown’s biggest asset as he enters the race this fall.

Out on the Waiver Wire

So what’s the deal with nobody signing Dez Bryant?

Sometimes these falls from grace are justified. Sometimes they aren’t. With Bryant, it’s impossible to know. Things might have deteriorated significantly in Dallas behind the curtain in Bryant’s final year. But on the surface, he seems like less of a handful than Odell Beckham Jr. Bryant is not anywhere as talented as Beckham anymore. But if there’s enough talent, players find a home in the NFL. So does Bryant still have enough talent? [TheBigLead]

It could be the orange glasses but Dez Bryant doesn’t seem like half as much trouble as former Dallas star Terrell Owens, which made perfect sense that nobody wanted to risk signing.

But it appears there’s something about wanting to be the alpha dog, as opposed to singing a constant team-first rhetoric, that appears to make him a bad fit. He’s a rich man’s second or Boone Pickens’ level third banana in any depth chart.

OSU and NCAA Notes

Where Dez Bryant could land in free agency (plus others)….Mike Gundy in a cowboy hat made this discussion on college football coach fashion….Commission of College Basketball is showing sort of pulse on the amateurism issue….Heinously disagree with the one-two rankings in this Big 12 pro golf talent ranking

Movement on the ‘tron.

Pokes back in action tonight, first pitch at 6:35pm.

Spears School of Business would be proud.

CC: Boynton, Mike.

Expert troll job here by Tennessee’s little brother in Nashville.

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