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Daily Bullets (May 15)




See where Mike Gundy was ranked in CBS most recent ranking of college football coaches.

Mike Gundy, OSU: No. 11. Lots of respect for Gundy, but maybe too low still. The Cowboys were not K-State, but OSU’s tradition was not great. In 13 seasons, Gundy has made the Cowboys into a consistent big-winner. [NewsOK]

The buildup of winning or tying win totals through 2011 was masterful and riding Rudolph to three ten win seasons is incredible at a school like Oklahoma State. Hard to imagine that ten guys could have done better with his circumstances.

Turn Up the Heat

What happens to the old guard (Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown) in Pittsburgh if the Cowboys come to town and impress early?

 What if Rudolph shines through OTAs, Latrobe and in the preseason? And if, for the first time in Ben Roethlisberger’s tenure, he feels even the tiniest push of pressure to perform at a higher level than his first few games of 2017? And if that somehow takes the offense as a whole to a higher level?

Look, if Roethlisberger got all ruffled over Rudolph getting drafted, imagine if the kid actually performs.

What if Washington similarly steps up? And if, as I’m expecting, he’s given a legit shot at being a starter since he’s really only got to beat out Eli Rogers? If he and JuJu Smith-Schuster start stealing some of the catches, the touchdowns and the end-zone dances from Antonio Brown? [Pittsburgh Sports]

Drew Bledsoe got nudged out by younger guys twice – Tom Brady and Tony Romo. James Washington creeping up to No. 2 would be a bit surprising but there aren’t two all-stars he has to replace. But what a little heat could do for the professional relationship is interesting.

OSU and NCAA Notes

Sports betting is now up to the states to legalize (five ways it may impact sports)….Pokes leading the field after day one in golf regionals….Big 12/Big East in discussions about a basketball scheduling alliance….Dru Brown and the rest of college football’s high impact transfers….88′ Pokes were that year’s most underrated team (plus 67 other year’s most underrated teams)

Still got that fifteen yard out down-pat.

Congrats to Lundblade for getting another shot at the pros.

Prayers for the Nash family.

A little surprised the Pokes and Sooners were on the same line here.

Nice to see an old ace back out there.

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