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Daily Bullets (May 24)



 Top Fifteen

Mike Gundy made the top fifteen of Stewart Mandel’s ranking of college coaches – and Mandel’s description was on point.

14. Mike Gundy, Oklahoma State
The Mullet has led a program that had been largely irrelevant in the Big Eight and Big 12 to at least 10 wins in six of the past eight seasons. He’s consistently produced innovative offenses along the way. The one thorn in his side: rival Oklahoma (he’s 2-11). [The Athletic]

This short description perfectly described Mike Gundy – boldly taking Oklahoma State to where it’s never sustained positioning before but never quite summitting the peak of the mountain.

The New Thing

Is the Oklahoma State Football offense ahead of the curve?

When I really looked at this offense for the first time, I was shocked at how deep all of their routes are being run.

I feel like, eventually, this is where football is headed. If explosive plays are what wins you football games, the best way to create explosive plays is by throwing the ball a lot and throwing it down the field. The Cowboys finished eighth in passing explosiveness and 111th in standard down run rate last year. [FloFootball]

Is what Oklahoma State does with the long ball the equivalent to what NBA teams do with the three-pointer? The case for ball control and clock management is a more than valid counterpoint but at some point, you could see efficiency numbers leaning more towards getting the ball downfield.

Color me intrigued to see what the OSU offense looks like without an NFL guy slinging the rock down the field (to another NFL guy or three).

OSU and NCAA Notes

Piece from Sloan Analytics Conference on a new asset class in sports betting was fascinating….Catch an interview with incoming defensive lineman Amadou Fofana….Cool how college teams are monitoring hit data….Surprised to see the cord pulled on these solid college sports sites….Dez Update: he needs to wait til’ August to sign

Pokes play the loser of Texas Tech-TCU at lunchtime.

A recruiting take I mostly agree with – not sure it’s a failure if you don’t land him since there’s not a great chance his brother would even be on campus with him.

Stoner on the cover (h/t to Phillip for catching)

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