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Daily Bullets (May 5)



Bumping Your Head on the Ceiling

In what may be one of the more pessimistic (and possibly realistic) takes on the 2018 season, a low ceiling is projected for Cowboy Football by a Big 12 blog.

…(T)his is a rebuilding year for Gundy. If anyone thinks the Cowboys are going to win 9 or 10 games this year, then you’re crazy. I see this season a lot like the 2014 season except OSU has a stud back in Justice Hill who will see a TON of carries this year. I truly believe a bowl game would be a positive year for the Pokes.

My ceiling for them? 7 games. I just don’t see the wins like some people do. So much production is gone, and Oklahoma State will reload, just not at the pace of an Alabama. [Heartland College Sports]

Rebuilding year? Absolutely. Double-digit wins? Not unless Justice Hill plays like No. 21. But the major deviation from 2014 is a significantly improved offensive line, a more than formidable rushing attack and the skill positions that will benefit from that. And for those reasons, a bowl game has to be the floor and not the ceiling.

The Finishers highlighted something fantastic about Josh Holliday and Cowboy Baseball in a recent piece.

 At the end of the fall, Oklahoma State coach Josh Holliday confided that he thought his team had a chance to be very special in 2019 — but he wasn’t quite sure what to expect from his young talent in 2018.

“This team, if we can hold ourselves together and put ourselves in position, then this group next year could be exceptional. Our skill level is not quite there this year yet,” Holliday said in early December. “I think those kids are on their way. How soon we get there? Gosh, I hope we’re there sooner than later. But these are good players, I like the way they’re going about it.”

It turned out, “sooner” won the battle against “later”, as is often the case in Stillwater, where Holliday and his stellar coaching staff have a strong history of getting the most out of their talent, especially in the second half. []

Good coaches have their teams playing their best ball at the end of the year – a result of improvements and adjustments made along the way. The Holliday-Walton pairing have proven their more than capable of doing just that.

OSU and NCAA Notes

This Big Ben – Rudolph narrative sounds more than a bit salty….Four Cowboy golfers garnered Big 12 honors….The market for Dez Bryant hasn’t been as strong as expected….How are former Big 12 teams doing since the move?….USAToday looks at the favorite, dark horse, and last place for each football conference

Cowboys took game one from a mid-tier Big Ten team.

Cowgirls lost a close one in Stillwater last night.

Enjoy your weekend but this will make your Monday a bit better. Bonus points if you get to watch at Joe’s.

Buying the set sure seems like a good deal.

Ramon getting a shot.

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