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Daily Bullets (November 1)



It’s November … Oklahoma State hasn’t lost.

Wrapping up Texas Tech

Good story here — why the Mason Rudolph/J.W. Walsh dynamic works. (NewsOK)

10 thoughts on the game. (PFB)

The Red Raiders dropped 50-plus points on perhaps the best defense in the Big 12 and still couldn’t get the job done. (ESPN)

So … Raymond Taylor is awesome. (Tulsa World)

Call it Mike Yurcich’s finest hour. The oft-maligned offensive coordinator found a stunning mix of offense. The Cowboys used double passes and a quarterback throwback and double reverses and a funky formation that even ignited the OSU running game. Also, OSU stole some plays from OU here. (NewsOK)

Notebook on Oklahoma State-Texas Tech. (PFB)

Great stuff here on J.W.’s day and how he lit up Tech in the second half. (NewsOK)

Wait … who is calling plays here? Yurcich said one example of the staff input came after Washington’s first reverse. He said offensive line coach Greg Adkins reminded him at halftime to run it again because it worked so well. Yurcich said Adkins reminded him again during the third quarter that the reverse to Washington was still there. And in the fourth quarter, Yurcich said Adkins’ reminders gave him the confidence to call it again — it’s a risky play, with multiple pitches in the backfield — and this time it produced a 75-yard touchdown. (Tulsa World)

Here’s the game album. (okstate)

Glenn Spencer: “Credit to the kids, they didn’t panic. They didn’t point fingers. And the offense did a tremendous job. We’ve got some great defensive coaches on our side of the ball. They kept their kids in tune, correcting mistakes. So there was a lot of teaching going on.” (NewsOK)

Around the country

Bob Stoops on the OSU tragedy: “To me the power of prayer is pretty strong when it comes from a large group of people.” (NewsOK)

Miami-Duke was unreal, but it also shouldn’t have happened. (CBS)

Dana tells Gary Patterson TCU will beat Baylor. Strange question to ask, no? Also, he didn’t ask about us … (CBS)

More pistols firing

OSU had a Taylor Swift dance-off before the game. I approve. (PFB)

Here’s Jalen McCleskey’s Superman celebration. (PFB)

Best of social media from the game. Sad Tech Power Rangers. (PFB)

OSU is 8-0 for the third time … ever. (PFB)

Player reaction from the game on Saturday. (PFB)

The eight best stats from Saturday’s game. (PFB)

James Washington had a crazy record-setting day. (PFB)

That was the highest-scoring game in FBS all season. (PFB)

Mason Rudolph wants an Austin Hays Heisman. (PFB)

Pokes in the pros

Dez: “I’m not going out there to paint.” (Dallas Morning News)

Other sports

Hey, we won more Big 12 titles on Saturday, too. (Big 12)

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