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Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets (October 23)




Really cool Homecoming coffee table book here. (Loyal and True)

Zach Crabtree: “Any time you’re playing a team in league play, you’re locked in, you’re mentally focused. Any one of these teams can get up and get anybody any day of the week.” (O’Colly)

I don’t feel bad for Kansas because they have basketball, but if they didn’t, I would feel bad for Kansas. (CRFF)

Clint Bowen on who he modeled Kansas’ defense after: “He said, ‘Really, nobody.’ He said, ‘When you’re at places like North Texas and Western Kentucky, you can experiment and nobody really cares that much.’ He fined tuned this defense to where it’s very unique. … (OSU) has had one heck of a time solving that thing.” (NewsOK)

Football news

Comparing OU and OSU against three common opponents. (NewsOK)

Is J.W. Walsh going to get more carries? It seems like he might. (NewsOK)

Mike Gundy on taking notes on games during OSU’s bye week and showing his coaches: “It’s usually two pages and I bring it in on Sunday to go over it with the coaches. It’s probably the worst hour-and-a-half of their week, that I take notes on different things that are good, bad and should be changed.” (Tulsa World)

Around the country

Poor Gerald McCoy had to wear Texas gear as part of a lost bet. (Yahoo)

Pokes in the pros

Is this the best headline ever? (Dallas Morning News)

Anthony Hickey is in Poland. (okstate)

Hey, John Farrell’s cancer is in remission. That’s great. (O’Colly)

How Nike is going to help Dez get back sooner. (PFB)

Mike Cobbins got signed by the Thunder. That’s pretty cool. (PFB)

Recruiting news

A five-star point guard is going to be in Stillwater on Friday. (PFB)

Hoops News

Phil Forte’s Travis Ford impersonation is terrific. (PFB)

Steph threw an underhanded alley oop from halfcourt. (Big Lead)

More pistols firing

Watch cinematic highlights of OSU-West Virginia. This one was great. (PFB)

Jordan Sterns’ phone motivation. (PFB)

OSU coach on Emmanuel Ogbah: “I’ve never had a player as good as him.” (PFB)

These all black throwbacks to the 1946 Sugar Bowl are sick. (PFB)

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