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Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets (October 28)



Homecoming Tragedy

A follow up story on Pistol Pete taking kids to the hospital. Pretty awesome. (NewsOK)

Carson and I talk about Saturday in our podcast here. (PFB)

Carson on what he’s learned about Mike Gundy over the last week. (KOCO)

Kyle Fredrickson and I joined David Ubben to talk about Saturday’s events. (Flyover Country)

I’ve inevitably missed some of these, but this on the four people who died and what they were like is very good. (Tulsa World)

Texas Tech won’t use the term Wreck ‘Em this weekend. Which is probably good. (PFB)

J.W.: It’s hard to explain just because you see it at random times how great of a place this is … Everybody here, I keep saying it, has each other’s back. You can feel it walking around campus, you can feel it walking around town.”  (O’Colly)

I don’t know who Mac Miller is, but he wore an OSU shirt during a concert this week. (PFB)

Football news

James Washington on the Tech game: “I’m thinking all of Stamford will be there. I’m sure hundreds. There will be a bunch. I have a bunch of family in Lubbock and friends who go to school there. It will be a pretty big game for me. I’ve never played on that field.” (Tulsa World)

You can complain all you want about Mike & Mike, but this post shows what they’re doing correctly (which is a lot). (CRFF)

J.W. on Jimmy Bean: “I’ve played football with him since I was in seventh grade and the first sentence I ever heard him speak was when we were roommates freshman year of college.” (ESPN)

You might not like 2:30 games, but Mike Gundy does. (NewsOK)

This is a pretty interesting stat. Until last week, more road teams had won than home teams in the Big 12. Home teams went 4-0 in October 24 league games to take a 10-8 advantage in games played at campus sites. (Big 12)

Without Seth Russell, the Big 12 is a total horse race. Also, does Berry think the 2011 OSU defense was better than 2013? It seems like he does. (NewsOK)

J.W. Walsh admits Mason Rudolph is a stay-at-home mom. “I think a lot of it is I’m put in situations where I can succeed fairly easy, going into the game inside the 10-yard line. Mason’s just done a great job of executing plays and getting the ball to his playmakers. So you combine great play calling, great execution, great decisions — that equals points.” (O’Colly)

Glenn Spencer: “If we have a guy or two out, then the next guy is playing. Nobody really cares. Obviously you want all your starters healthy, but that’s not happening at any club in America. It is what it is. I’m just worried about getting that next guy ready.” (Go Pokes)

Thunder, tonight

The trade seemed tolerable three years ago tonight. It becomes less so every day that goes by without an NBA championship in Oklahoma City. (NewsOK)

35 statements made with extreme confidence. (Daily Thunder)

More pistols firing

Mike Gundy has become the most invaluable coach in Oklahoma State sports history. (PFB)

Important recruits who were in Stillwater over the weekend. (PFB)

Notes on Mike Gundy’s terrific presser from Monday. (PFB)

Six Power 5 teams are averaging more points per game than OSU … (PFB)

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