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Daily Bullets: OSU-LSU in the Cotton Bowl?

OSU-Baylor talk revving up, Ford talks about his new recruits, highlights of Sunday’s wrestling match.




OSU-LSU in the Cotton? I can do that. (CBS Sports)

I saw the OSU-Baylor game open at Baylor -11.5 offshore but that’s around 9 or 9.5 at the big boy places in Vegas. (Vegas Insider)

How long do we have to wait until Clint Chelf’s speed is no longer “deceptive.” (Fox SW)

What OSU needs to have happen to get in the…wait for it….title game. (B/R)

OSU is killing teams in field position. (PFB)

Here’s the math behind the coach who never punts. This is so great. (Football Study Hall)

Florida State players playing hangman? Gundy would probably condone this after taking a seat against Savannah last year. (CBS Sports)

Ubben gives OSU team of the week. As it should be. (Fox SW)

Gundy on Gameday: “I didn’t even know they had a celebrity picker.” (NewsOK)

Mack Brown on OSU: “That game with Baylor will be a good game.” (Tulsa World)

Great roundup of OSU recruits’ weekends right here. Mason Rudolph is killing it. (CRFF)

Bryce Petty: “We don’t get nervous about any team we’re facing.” (ESPN)

Hah, why OSU fans don’t like Baylor. (CRFF)

Pretty interesting philosophical look at how Gundy views the season. (NewsOK)

Oklahoma State is No. 10 in the new BCS standings. (CBS Sports)

Texas game superlatives. (PFB)

Berry has OSU No. 2 in his Big 12 power poll. (NewsOK)

I don’t have an account here but I agree with this opening paragraph. The Grogan field goal didn’t get enough run. (Scout)

I’d seen the photo but not the GIF of Mack’s face on the Gilbert pick-six. It’s amazing. (B/R)

A history of College Gameday in Stillwater. (okstate)

Gundy: “I’m very proud of our team. Their willingness to prepare and compete down here in front of 100,000 people and play the way they did (was good).” (O’Colly)

OSU has only won seven straight Big 12 games once. (Big 12 Sports)

I’m still not over the Auburn-Georgia ending. (CBS Sports)


Travis Ford talks about his three new recruits. (NewsOK)

Hilton Magic against Michigan last night. (CBS Sports)

Tuesday will be the best non-con game in 60 years in GIA. Wow. (NewsOK)


The end of Georges St. Pierre — good read if you watched the fight on Saturday or even if, like me, you didn’t. (Deadspin)

This post by Sam Ponder on Twitter and what she deals with is excellent. (Point 31)

Nope, still not over it.

This dude again?

Full highlights.

Wrestling highlights from Sunday.

This is good stuff, Baylor-OSU hype video posted by CRFF (language is NSFW)…

Is this weird to anyone else?

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