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Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets (September 11)



Football news

Here is episode 2 of our podcast. (PFB) (iTunes)

Even if Cowboy offensive coordinator Mike Yurcich decides to swallow the majority of the playbook, career numbers will be within grasp. (CRFF)

The home opener promo is awesome. (PFB)

Fascinating: It’s surprising that preseason polls have more predictive power than late season polls. I would have never thought to do this study had I not read that Nate Silver uses the preseason AP college basketball poll in his tournament predictions. (Football Study Hall)

UCA coach calls OSU “not an overly-complicate offense.” (PFB)

Glenn Spencer giving UCA the Baylor treatment: “It gives the defensive coordinator a lot of headaches because the defense has to get lined up right and cover the vertical threat, which they’re going to test us a lot more than we had last week.” (ESPN)

Mike Gundy had to give up video games to become a great head coach. (PFB)

The 10 best GIFs in Oklahoma State football history. (PFB)

I’m glad we’re playing in Stillwater this week.

Around the country

Have you seen Nick Saban’s $200K Mercedes van? (Yahoo)

Backyard Brawl, back. (LGG)

Haha, Notre Dame says it would just go start its own league if teams start paying players. Should someone tell them they sort of already have? (Yahoo)

Uni chatter

How cool are these 1939 throwback unis? (PFB)

Guys, Hawaii’s unis … (CBS)

UCLA’s gloves, too. Pretty awesome. (CBS)

Recruiting news

There’s a top 100 recruit coming to Stillwater on Saturday. Hold the Travis Ford jokes. (PFB)

More stuff I’m reading


Always my favorite September 11 clip. Never gets old. #NeverForget

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