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Daily Bullets (September 2)



Tomorrow there is football!

Football news

Five (more) storylines for 2015. No. 1 might surprise you a little bit. (PFB)

Glenn Spencer redefines speed like he’s the Supreme Court. “It’s showing an unbelievable desire to get there. Translate it to what you see on the field. We’ll see when the lights come on.” (NewsOK)

Interesting note on the CBs here from Spencer: “I don’t think we’ve gone through three-straight days with the same guys that have been running with the ones.” (NewsOK)

What records could fall for OSU in 2015? (PFB)

Man, Mark Cooper nailed this Devante Averette profile, too. Great quote here from (guess who?) Spencer: “Mike (Gundy) would come into the locker room after practice. He’d go: ‘That Averette, he’s a pain in the butt.’” (Tulsa World)

The second-most important person to the 2015 season. (PFB)

Central Michigan preview

There are no Texas/Iowa State budget discrepancies in the MAC. Every school has a chance. Hire a good coach, and you can win this league and maybe beat Iowa to boot. (NewsOK)

CMU’s QB sort of scares me. He’s old, he’s big and he seems to be pretty good. (Tulsa World)

Some good points here on why Oklahoma State will beat CMU. (CRFF)

I talked to a Central Michigan beat writer about what to expect from them on Thursday night. (PFB)


A look at how all of OSU’s 2016 recruits played in their high school games last week. (PFB)

Devin Harper had 345 yards rushing on Friday night. Here are the highlights. His first TD run was electrifying. (PFB)

Around the country

Some fellow named “Ty Hill” enrolled in West Alabama and will play on Saturday. He tweeted “#cheetahback.” The whole thing makes me uncomfortable, as if the most important thing about all of this the entire time was him getting a football in his hands again. (PFB)

Hoops news

Jeff Newberry on his shoe collection: “I probably have close to 100 pairs now, but I’ve played basketball in so many of them and gave so many away that I can’t think of an exact amount. My favorite pairs as of right now are any Jordan 11.” (okstate)

This Phil Forte stepback on Jawun Evans is fire. (PFB)

More stuff I’m reading

Google has a new logo. I like it. Do people not like it? (Kottke)

How two millennials built a $100 million startup in 4 years and landed an interview with the president. I’d never heard of this company. (Business Insider)

Ohhhh boy.

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