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Daily Bullets (September 9) – The Clint Chelf Blueprint, Understanding Justice Hill’s Numbers



Careful with the Mojo

At risk of losing the under-25 crowd with a reference to a cheesy Mike Meyers movie, crucial in maintaining Corndog’s confidence is a lesson from a previous walk-on-turned starter: Clint Chelf.

Clint Chelf is watching the way his old team is handling its new quarterback, and he is wondering.

Did the coaches at Oklahoma State learn something from how they dealt with him as a fifth-year senior?

Is Taylor Cornelius the beneficiary of those lessons?

Chelf sure hopes so.

“You have to act like you’re the baddest guy on the planet,” the former Cowboy quarterback said. “It’s hard to do that when you’re getting bounced around, pulled out.

“Taylor, I hope that his confidence is intact.” [NewsOK]

I’d definitely recommend the piece by Jenni Carlson, insightful candid thoughts from Clint Chelf. But how you balance competition and confidence appears to be materially shaping in a quarterback’s psyche.

Easing off the Gas

While asking “why” makes a lot of sense concerning Justice Hill’s touches last night – it’s not the best question to ask.

And a lot of those plays, Hill wasn’t anywhere on the field. You could feel Cowboy Nation bowing up, throwing back its collective head and screaming, “Where is Justice?!?!”

Finally, after a 22-snap drought, Hill got the ball again on a lateral from Taylor Cornelius — and sprinted into the end zone for a touchdown.

On a night OSU manhandled South Alabama 55-13, Hill was used sparingly. Nine rushes for 32 yards and two touchdowns. One reception for 11 yards. But whereas some might say he “only” had 10 touches, another word comes to mind.

Plenty. [NewsOK]

South Alabama appears to have been determined to stop the run as Boise State was determined to slow down the pass.

OSU and NCAA Notes

After Tyron’s fly-sweep for six last night, catch Dustin’s thoughts on Bob Stitt….Clemson-aTm was great theater last night, as was Colorado spoiling Frost’s Nebraska debut….Good macro-level update from college football, week two….NewsOK’s Report Card and Look at the Numbers from last night’s win

Have yourself a day, Tylan.

Not to oversimplify things but I agree – last week left meat on the bone and he made more throws this week.

Texas beat the University of Tulsa 28-21 (seven points). Hit those field goals, ‘Canes.

Now that’s targeting. Get out of here with Logan Carter’s shoulder pad check.

“I just bought this brand new car like a week ago but I’m gonna go ahead and trade it in.” ~ the rough equivalent to transferring after game two.

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NOT A POLITICAL STATEMENT: this looked like a real-life Parks and Rec scene – Andy Sanberg would be playing one of the police and yelling while talking.

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