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Daily Bullets: What do Barry Sanders and Mike Miller have in common?

Ford recruits another PG, Weeden taking all the snaps for the Cowboys, and Brad Stevens talks Marcus Smart.




It was Cameron Hunter that was stabbed and robbed this week. Scary. (ESPN)

The offseason, it’s not going well. All-time comment here: “I miss Calvin Barnett and his traffic citations.” (PFB)

What do Barry Sanders and Mike Miller have in common? (Rivals)

There really should be a different name for this. I’m not defending it or Devon Thomas but “child porn” is a label that evokes something different than what he actually did. (CBS Sports)

Here’s the full story, btw. (Tulsa World)

This all-sports video from the last year is tremendous. (PFB)

Weeden: “It’s definitely a breath of fresh air. I’m excited to be here. I love coming to work every day. It’s a fun environment.” (NFL)

Speaking of Weeden, he made an ace last week. (Instagram)

Larty Fitzgerald won the Hank Iba award this week. (Tulsa World)

Here’s a close-up look at the new field in Stillwater. (PFB)

OSU brings back more rushing than anything else. Interesting look here. (ESPN)

Bleacher Report, eh? Ok. (Tumblr)


We are recruiting all of the point guards. (CRFF)

Stevie Clark is going to play with Longar Longar’s cousin in Iowa. I wish I was funny enough to make this stuff up. (NewsOK)

Ford on Cobbins Chamberlain: We’re hoping [full contact] comes within the next four weeks or so. But he’s doing really, really well.” (Tulsa World)

The Thunder need somebody like Danny Green. I know Markel isn’t as good of a shooter as him but..their last two years of college Green was 38% and 42% from three, Markel was 36% and 38%. (NewsOK)

Brad Stevens on Smart: “I think that clearly he’s got a way about him that people follow. He is a very tough guy and he competed the whole time. My expectations for him were high from that regard, but he certainly met them. He’s going to be a good player, too.” (ESPN)


I watched the last six innings of this, it was grueling. (Big 12 Sports)


Pretty cool: four Oklahoma State guys are All-Americans. (okstate)

I do not understand. (Deadspin)

The ratings for USA-Ghana were amazing. (Big Lead)

Not sure if I linked this or not but I finally finished it and it is great. On why we make so much more money than we used to but don’t have more time. (New Yorker)

This is hilarious.

Kliff looks so uncomfortable.

I can’t wait.

Hunter Mahan, very cool.

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