Daily Bullets

“I aimed at the Nike check.” Good gosh. (Plain Dealer)

1.) Josh Cooper is definitely making this team and 2.) TRich talking about Weeden’s arm is hilarious. (Plain Dealer)

Gina says we shouldn’t expect to hear much from the youngster this year. (NewsOK)

If you live in east Texas, the Cowboy Caravan is headed your way. (OSU Posse)

Weeden “in control” from day one. (ESPN Cleveland)

John Helsley on OSU baseball “doing the little things.” (NewsOK)

I know these guys are…um…biased, but the media is already fawning. (Cleveland Browns)

Ubben on the nation’s best coaches. (ESPN)

Ah yes, the eye test. (CBS)

Fowler (T2) and Van Pelt (T7) both had big weekends. (PGA Tour)

Cowboy baseball gets a sweep. (okstate.com)

Good article on Josh Cooper’s chances to make the team. (Canton Rep)

How many of these do we need? (Scout)

Does it feel like Gundy is, oh I dunno, overstating this thing a little bit? (NewsOK)

Natalja Piliusina won the 800 at the Big 12 Championship with a 2:05.23 mark. (okstate.com)

The Seneca-Colt-Weeds derby starts today. (Plain Dealer)

After a dream season last year, OSU’s softball team comes up short in its NCAA tourney bid this year. (Big 12 Sports)

John Hoover is now a Tulsa World columnist. Here’s his story. (Tulsa World)

Funny (thoughtful) post on the death of men’s hats. (NPR)


  • Poke

    This isn’t going to be Dez 2.0 is it?

  • G-Block

    How many quarterbacks do we need? Coach Gundy was quoted last year that they want to sign one every year. The reason is that Both OU and OSU have seen several quarterbacks leave their programs for one reason or another over the last several years without completing their eligibility (Nate Sorenson, Johnny Deaton, Alex Cate, Bobby Reid, Al Pena…).

  • R00st3rPokes

    What a great time to be an OSU fan!

    #1 Fowler towards the top of the golf leaderboards (2 weeks in a row),
    #2 Three words (with slashes) Weeden/Cooper/Blackmon

    #3 Preseason hype in Stillwater on O-line, QB race, etc.!

    It just doesn’t get better than this!!!

    Also, I heard Florida State is looking at the Big 12. Any truth to that?