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Where we’re two for two on uniform news. Oh and happy Ryder Cup day.

Very cool story from Brendon Morris on Josh Stewart and J.W. Walsh. (O’Colly)

Good on them for apologizing for breaking bad news. (CRFF)

Manny Diaz is worried about how many plays OSU is going to run on Saturday. He should be, OSU is 4th in the country in plays per game. (NewsOK)

Three questions (good ones too) about the game. (Horns Nation)

I agree with this, the problem is I don’t know if Walsh can beat you with mid-to-deep passes…and if he can’t then the rushing game is meaningless. (NewsOK)

Berry Tramel picks Texas…which means he’s an OU homer…no wait…he picked Texas, he can’t be an OU homer. I’m confused! (NewsOK)

Some interesting quotes and thoughts here from Ubben on how injury information in the Big 12 should be treated by coaches. (ESPN)

I feel bad for Cleveland. Outside of Weeden, T-Rich, and Joe Thomas their offense is embarrassing. (Dawgs by Nature)

Love Hinton’s writing. Love Hinton’s writing on OSU. (SMQ)

Some interesting thoughts about Texas here. I know more about Texas’ defense right now than I do about my wife. (Orange Bloods)

Just what we need, more bowl games for the Big 12. (seattlepi)

Terrific article from Berry Tramel on the importance of the Big 12 contract with Fox. (NewsOK)

Crazy in-depth breakdown of the Texas-Ole Miss game. (Barking Carnival)

Ubben doesn’t think Lunt will play. (ESPN)

Gina breaks down the all-access piece. (NewsOK)

Ubben does it too, more anecdotally. (ESPN)

Excellent story on J.W., his dad, and his apprentice. (Horns Nation)

Cool front page of the O’Colly today. (Twitter)

The Darrell Williams sentencing keeps getting pushed. (Tulsa World)

Slater is right about this. I’m going to probably end up being wrong about thinking he’s going to start. (NewsOK)

I found out one of our loyal readers is moving his family to Paris for some missionary work in October. You should check out their story and especially watch the video (it’s excellent). (Follow the Roaches)


This is weird, and kind of dumb.

Not that it needed reiterating, but yeah, all in. Also, new stadium design in the background?

Great video, and I really liked the white-white-gray unis from the Arizona game. So sharp.

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