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Daton Fix Wins Pan American Games Title

Fix wins three straight and knocks off U23 World Champion to win the Pan Am Games



Daton Fix wrestled his first senior level international tournament this week at the Pan American Games in Lima, Peru.

He opened with a lightening quick tech fall over Daniel Alves Do Nascimento in only 1:15. Fix took him down early then hooked up a gut-wrench to go up 8-0 after three turns. He followed that up with a quick take-down to move on with a 10-0 tech.

His second match was his toughest of the tournament. You can see the full match here.

This was a good match for Fix. He pressured early and put Andreu on the shot clock. Andreu didn’t score and Fix went up 1-0 going into the second. It was much of the same in the second with Fix putting together some attacks on Andreu and putting him on the shot clock again. Fix went up 2-0 when Andreu came back and scored one on a push-out. Fix came back with a clutch take-down to win 4-1. Andreu was a U23 World Champion two years ago.

Fix Pan Am.gif

In the final, Fix absolutely rolled through Juan Ramirez Beltre of the Dominican Republic. He picked up this early take-down and two guts then finished it off with another take-down and turn early in the first.

Fix Pan Am2

A failed challenge put him up 11-0.

Fix Pan Am Flag

This is Fix’ first senior level International title.





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