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Email questions: What’s the most important position to recruit?

I think you know. But what’s the second most important.



If you feel like sending me questions via Twitter or email there’s a decent chance they’ll end up in a quickie post on this site. 

I answered a few about recruiting for some students doing a sports media project a few weeks ago. Here are their final questions.

4. What is the most important position to recruit for success in the Big 12? Nationally?

Most important position to recruit in Big 12 and nationally is QB. Again, see: Texas, the University of. The second most important position to me is defensive line. You could argue in the Big 12 it’s offensive line but a good defensive line is just such a game-changer.

5. In five years, what do you think the Big 12 landscape will be? Recruiting and otherwise?

In five years I think you’re going to see a new “Texas and OU.” It’s so, so difficult to sustain the unparalleled success both of those programs have sustained for a decade or two. Especially OU, it’s just nearly impossible.

I’ll never doubt a Bob Stoops team but I’d be a little surprised if he’s still there in five years cranking out top fives and top 10s.

Who will the new Texas and OU be? Maybe OSU and Baylor, maybe Tech and Baylor, maybe OSU and TCU. I don’t know. But the run won’t be as lengthy as the one OU and Texas have (had, if you’re Texas) been on since the late 1990s. It’s too tough in today’s college football world.

6. Why have KU and Iowa State not been able to replicate what Tech and K-State have done? Is it all Snyder and Leach/Kingsbury?

Good question. Kansas sort of did for a few years with Mangino but their infrastructure never seemed like it was what it needed to be. And their facilities suck. Iowa State is different, it feels like they should be better than they actually are. Maybe Paul Rhoads isn’t good, I don’t know.

As much as I love the guy I think it’s a possibility he’s just not that great of a coach. They could use a facilities upgrade as well.[1. And what do you know, they got one!]

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