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Epic New Heisman Commercial Features Barry Sanders, Baker Mayfield and Cameo from Pistol Pete

The GOAT and Pistol Pete really complete this.



The Heisman House commercials from Nissan always feature great personalities and brilliant advertising — which isn’t probably that hard to do given the talent and charisma it has to work with — but the latest one seems to have really taken it to a new level.

The commercial that aired this week for the first time gives great airtime to OSU Heisman winner Barry Sanders and OSU’s mascot, Pistol Pete, with Sanders getting competitive in a painting race with OU Heisman winner Kyler Murray and Mr. Pete seemingly irking OU Heisman winner Baker Mayfield in a game of cards. The money line from Bayfield is epic to really polish it off, as he said with a straight face talking about Pete — who had his mascot helmet on: “I just can’t read this guy!”

So good.

Any ad that features the GOAT (Barry) is always good, but extra credit here for incorporating the Bedlam rivalry and somehow working Pistol Pete (!) into a commercial that only featured Heisman winners of the past.

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