Episode 126: What Happened With Brad Underwood, What’s Next?

Written by Kyle Porter

Kyle Porter and Carson Cunningham talk about what happened in Stillwater, what’s next for Oklahoma State and why Doug Gottlieb would work this time around.

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  • Pokelahoma

    A millionaire as victim is never a good look

    • Saucy Takes

      ^^ holder, Boone

      • Pokelahoma

        good contribution…thanks

  • Saucy Takes

    Carson gets it!

  • OKsailor

    Underwood can’t handle blunt? Sure seems like it. Holder does want success, he acheived it as a coach. He paid once for the hope of success and got burned, he just wants more proof now.

  • Pokelahoma

    We give Underwood 3 million for making a tournament…if he makes a sweet 16 we give him what 4? Like, where does it stop?

    Also the Greg Marshall thing is an insane pipe dream…the WHAT ABOUT “guy who actually shows up on ESPN” people are just as insane if not more so that the Doug only people.

    Do Missouri Valley teams have two story lockerrooms with marble floors or what? Like what non salary commitment needs to be made that we havent?

  • swaggypaw

    might as well hire Terry Evans and roll with it

  • David Einstein

    This is probably the best pod I’ve ever heard on here. Great discussion from both of you guys. A Kansas fan at the game in Tulsa yesterday asked me who our next coach is going to be and when I said Gottlieb he told me to “get out of here!” then I made the debate by being an analyst, dad being a coach, loyalty to OSU and connections to the game that he’s the homerun hire. I just have no interest in an “industry guy” and the want a coach from outside of the box…that understands the box.

  • Forever14

    Dear Carson,

    We’ll never know whether Holder would have come up from the initial $2.2 million offer to close the gap with Underwood’s initial demand. We’ll never know if Holder could have gone to Hargis for signoff to match or nearly match the Illinois offer. Underwood no-showed the second meeting with Holder, probably because he was tantruming over being confronted with the fact he hadn’t performed at the level of the coaches who were making the kind of money he wanted. Cooler heads never got a chance to prevail because Illinois was there with “perfect timing” to catch Underwood while he was still upset, like the hot, willing ex-girlfriend who happened to be at the bar when you went out to cool down after a fight with your current girlfriend… Illinois was more than happy to perform whatever act Underwood felt he deserved, and the rest is history.

    • Carson Cunningham

      You started with “We’ll never know” – you should’ve stopped right there. You write as if you were in the room with Holder and Underwood. I know you are referencing reports that have come out, but the reports from both (read: opposite) sides of the negotiating table. Truth is somewhere in the middle, which we’ll never know.

      • Forever14

        If you know something that’s not in the reports, then pony up.

        • forever14

          Wish I could just edit the previous reply. What I mean to say is all most of us have to go on is what’s been reported. If you know there’s more that hasn’t been reported, then, if you can, tell us. Or maybe just tell us that there’s more to the story than has been reported, but that can’t be disclosed for some reason. Otherwise, you’re just telling us not to have an opinion on what you’re saying, in which case, why say it in a public forum? Bottom line, he’s gone.