Episode 157: The Flag Plant

Written by PFB Staff

Kyle Porter and Carson Cunningham talk Oklahoma State-South Alabama, which defensive unit has been most exciting and, of course, the Baker Mayfield flag plant in Columbus.

Music credit: Radio Rock / Dirt Road Traveler / Pepper Funk by Audionautix | Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution License | (creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)

  • Saucy Takes

    You are a sooner fan

    • Sugar Skull Pete

      They had to spend 10 minutes talking this douche because we are the ones that overly sensitive.

      • Saucy Takes

        I’ll still listen to them they generally do a great job along with this blog. But no reason to kiss bakers butt

    • 6 @ A TIME

      I wasn’t offended by the flag planting, but I sure as hell don’t tune in to the podcast to hear a 10 minute discussion on the qb at uo.

  • Mark

    Glad Gundy stood up for what’s right and didn’t defend Bundage. I’m sorry it had to happen but hopefully the kid learns. Oh and this is a shameless plug once again for the fact that I predicted this would happen to him because of the way he tackles.

  • Daniel Perreira

    Will someone please explain what “Bag year” means, and where that phrase comes from? I have never heard it until this year.

    • Kyle Cox

      Tyron Johnson’s Twitter account. He’s tweeted #BagYear with the money bag emoji several times starting in the offseason.

  • OSUchic

    Appreciate these podcasts….makes cardio day so much more enjoyable! I’d be in better shape if you could do these daily ?

  • Tbeezy

    Kyle… Beating OU is always amazing. Baker acting like a tool doesn’t make it sweeter it’s just more annoying when he wins.

    Not sure how any OSU fan can stand Baker Mayfield.