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Former President George W. Bush: ‘T. Boone Pickens Was … Bold, Imaginative and Daring’

43 talks Pickens.



Boone Pickens’ life spanned so many industries and crossed so many worlds, it’s hard to keep up. Literally, we’re having a hard time keeping up with them all. Who else goes hunting with professional athletes we follow like Brandon Weeden but also has dinners with former presidents like George W. Bush?

On Wednesday — following Pickens’ death — Bush was among the many politicians and state leaders who released a statement celebrating the 91 remarkable years of life Pickens lived.

“T. Boone Pickens became a household name across the country because he was bold, imaginative, and daring,” wrote Bush. ” He was successful – and more importantly, he generously shared his success with institutions and communities across Texas and Oklahoma.  He loved the outdoors, his country, and his friends and family, and Laura and I send our condolences.”

Pickens gave $250,000 toward Bush’s second inauguration at the beginning of 2005. And since Pickens passed on September 11 and Bush commented on it, I feel obligated to pause for a minute and bring you the GOAT sports moment of the 21st century.

Ok, we’re back. Bush is not the only politician who weighed in on Wednesday either. Republicans Ted Cruz, Jim Inhofe and Rick Perry all released statements. So did Texas governor, Greg Abbott.

“There’s much you can say about T. Boone Pickens and the impact he had on Oklahoma, but I will keep it simple: He embodied the spirit of Oklahoma and lived the American dream,” said senator Inhofe in a statement.

Cruz said much of the same, only with a Texas twist.

Rick Perry called him a “Texas-sized legend” and said he “was a wonderful and philanthropic person who gave generously to causes he believed in. Countless lives have been changed because of him, including mine, and I am lucky to have called him a friend.”

“Although born in Oklahoma, Texas has always considered T. Boone Pickens to be one of our own,” added Abbott. “He was a passionate man who always stood by his principles on his path to success.”

Lastly, Pickens’ pal — and Dallas Cowboys owner — Jerry Jones was asked about Pickens in a press conference.

“He should be known as the fourth-quarter guy (because of how much he accomplished in the later part of his life),” said Jones. “I’m really gonna miss Boone.”

I think he speaks for all of us.

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