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Glenn Spencer: ‘It Wouldn’t Have Upset Me If They Said We’re Not Playing’



I’m not trying to make light what should be heavy, but you know when Glenn Spencer doesn’t care about playing football, it’s bad.

“I don’t know. I’ve never been through that before in my life. I’d love to say I had a great prophetic answer to [how I dealt with the news], but I don’t. I don’t even want to see a stat sheet because I really don’t care. People lost their lives today, and this is a game so it’s hard to celebrate.

“I think hearts are heavy. We just did what we did. We hurt, we recognized there was a great tragedy and we played a football game. To be honest with you, it wouldn’t have upset me if we hadn’t played today, but we did and the kids went out and played a game. They knew what happened and there were some heavy hearts, and I really didn’t know how they were going to react. I wish I had some magic words for any of this, but I don’t. I just know there’s a lot of people hurting right now.

“I wouldn’t have been upset if they hadn’t played a good game. I grieve for those people. I’m staying focused because it’s my job, but it’s in the back of your head. There were a few times where I’m going ‘Are you serious? There’s people grieving who lost loved ones,’ and we’re out there playing a game.”

Well said. But he wasn’t done there.

There was a lot of good perspective from Spencer, Mike Gundy and Kansas coach David Beaty after the game. That’s good. Like I said in my 10 thoughts, football is football. It’s good to remember that although I wish it didn’t take something like this to do it.

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