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How Good is Oklahoma State as a Ranked Team and Against Ranked Teams?



Oklahoma State is going to be playing a lot of games as a ranked team this year. Hopefully all of them. We already looked at how Mike Gundy fares as a top 25 team and against top 25 teams, but let’s break that down a little further. Here are some records for OSU in the Gundy era. I used CFB Reference which uses the AP Poll at the time of the game.

When Oklahoma State is …

Unranked: 43-27 (61%)
Ranked in the top 25: 60-23 (72%)
Ranked in the top 20: 49-19 (72%)
Ranked in the top 15: 33-17 (66%)
Ranked in the top 10: 16-8 (66%)
Ranked in the top 5: 6-3 (66%)

When Oklahoma State plays …

Unranked teams: 84-20 (81%)
Top 25 teams: 20-30 (40%)
Top 15 teams: 11-25 (31%)
Top 10 teams: 6-15 (29%)

What about home and away?

When OSU is top 25 at home: 30-9 (77%)
When OSU is top 25 on the road/neutral: 30-14 (68%)
When OSU faces top 25 at home: 12-14 (46%)
When OSU faces top 25 on road: 8-16 (33%)


When OSU and opponent are ranked: 13-15 (46%)
When OSU is top 20 and opponent is ranked: 13-14 (48%)
When OSU is top 10 and opponent is ranked: 6-6 (50%)
When OSU and opponent are both top 10: 2-4 (33%)

There is not a lot that pops here. I suppose you would like to see a better record against top 25 teams. OSU only wins two out of every five games it plays against the top 25. But again, many of those came in the early days of the Gundy era when OSU was lousy. The “when OSU and opponent are ranked” record doesn’t exactly flip the narrative, though.

I think the encouraging thing is that OSU has traditionally (under Gundy) been a really good top 20 team. Their loses as a top 10 team have traditionally come when they’ve been a bit overrated (i.e. 2015) which I don’t really think they are to start out the year.

Two other encouraging notes: OSU has been good against top 10 teams (compared to what I would imagine the national average is) and good against top 25 teams on the road — teams have only won 23 percent of games against OSU when OSU is a top 25 team at home and OSU has won 33 percent against top 25 teams on the road).

The (hopefully) fun part? We’ll be able to update this after the first game as OSU goes into the Tulsa tilt as the AP No. 10 team in the country.

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