Gottlieb Announces Candidacy At OSU, Holder Says ‘We’ll Talk To Him’

Written by Kyle Porter

On a day of shockers, this should come as the least-surprising thing: Doug Gottlieb wants the Oklahoma State men’s basketball job. He told this to the Tulsa World. He told me as well (not that he needed to).

It’s game on again in Stillwater for No. 44.

Gottlieb also told the Tulsa World he couldn’t believe Underwood’s move.

“You’re telling everyone it’s your dream job and you’re never going to leave, and then you’re gone 12 months later?” Gottlieb told the Tulsa World. “That’s stunning. I’m stunned. … I thought he did an amazing job in turning around the momentum of the program.”

He did, for sure. Underwood went 20-13 in Year 1 and 9-9 in the Big 12. Could Gottlieb improve on that? He’s already tweeting about what he would do to keep building.

Last year after not getting the nod, Gottlieb made no bones about how upset he was.

“Well, obviously, I’m disappointed,” Gottlieb told the O’Colly. “I think I’d be lying if I used any other word. Not just because of the vision I had, but because it was one that was shared by so many who played there and coached there and cheered there.

“I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’m bummed. Totally bummed because we would’ve done something really, really special, and hopefully, Brad does, as well. We would’ve done something special. We would’ve done something cool. It would’ve been fun. It would’ve been something that people wanted to be a part of.”

Might this time be different? Oklahoma State athletic director Mike Holder, who gave him a shot last time, said he would do so again.

I wrote about why Doug would work 12 months ago. I feel no different now. We even talked to him about it on our podcast a few times.

You guys already know I’m going to be a proponent of this so if you need to /unfollow right now then I won’t be offended. The push is real, though, and it might be “absolutely perfect timing” like Underwood said.

The problem, if you’re OSU, is that now you have a program that hasn’t been very good in over a decade (one NCAA Tournament win since 2005) and an AD that, real or not, is now perceived as being somebody you don’t necessarily want to work for in college basketball circles. Is that fair? Maybe not, but don’t think other coaches didn’t notice how this Underwood thing went down.

Is anybody going to be jumping for a chance to coach a recently-below average team that suddenly has a reputation for underpaying its guys? Yikes.

In a lot of ways, this would be the prefect scenario for Holder to save what is turning out to be a bad situation. He can tout Doug as “somebody who would never leave Stillwater” and keep the momentum Underwood started going into the future.

Let me put it this way, Gottlieb is the only person you could hire about whom the fan base would actually believe he would never leave. We just hired the Middle Tennessee State coach and he’s a Big 8 guy through and through. He’s a distant relative of John Smith! He’ll be here forever and ever.

Nobody’s buying that anymore.

And Holder knows stuff like this matters when it comes to attendance and maintaining momentum. Will it happen? Will he actually do it? I think Gottlieb is the favorite right now given the circumstances, but it may not stay that way for long.

  • Kevin

    Jankovich at SMU!! Big12 guy. Bill self guy. Self could ease his nerves

    • Kevin

      Or Danny Manning

    • Pokelahoma

      Im not sure were paying Jank much more than he makes at SMU

  • please make it happen

  • GoPokes

    Barry Hinson. OSU guy. Lively press conferences. Much laughter!

  • Ty Webb

    After a year of working for our AD, I’m sure you’ll change your tune Doug.

  • UrbanCowboy

    Put me down for a PASS. However, if he gets the job, I’ll be 1000% in his corner.

  • Matt Cox

    Holder will not hire anyone who glorifies Eddie Sutton. I seem to recall a lot of past rumors that he despises the whole Sutton bunch.

    If the rumors about his relationship with Underwood are true, it could be because of the amount of time Eddie has been brought back around the program. Attending practices, games, etc…

    I don’t know if Gottlieb is the right man or not, as I’ve not followed his coaching ability since he left OSU when he played. But I bet he won’t get more than courteous consideration this time around because of the Sutton factor.

  • DK.OKstate
  • Kim

    Anyone know Mike Holder’s twitter handle?

  • Saucy Takes

    This garbage again….. Please no credit card thief… Danny manning or the SMU coach

    • Pokelahoma

      credit cards…..dude I hope you live a life that random people on the internet give you grief over it going on 20 years later…

      • Saucy Takes

        Odd to wish that on someone, are you a poke?

        • joey

          I bleed orange and I don´t know why you´ŕe bringing up something that happen 20 yrs ago.

          • Saucy Takes

            Because it’s important, thats like saying anyone imprisioned for a crime 20 years ago should exonerated

  • JB

    Tom Crean is available.

  • TK_1

    Odds are good that Doug might not be a very good coach just as most human beings working in a job for the first time aren’t particularly good at first. But at this point I think you’ve got to do it. You have to take the risk that he can do the job or learn on the fly. You can’t build a program with this sort of tumult at the head coaching position and cloud hanging over it.

    Doug is an OSU guy. He gets the culture of school. He gets the tradition. Most of all he does know the game. We could do a lot worse. I firmly believe that.

    • joey

      You couldn´t have said that better.

  • David Einstein

    Doug or bust.

  • David W. Ayres

    Enough of the “no coaching experience”. Give him a chance and bring in some experience to help.

    Pretty sure “no experience” guys like Hoiberg and Kerr turned into pretty good hires.



    The former host of “The Apprentice” is our nation’s top executive…I’d say at this point anything is fair game.

  • G-Block

    I agree that Doug would be a fabulous spokesperson for the university and the face of the program. But the question remains, can he coach? How many ex-NBA players tried coaching and failed compared with how many were successful? I do believe Doug learned from one of the best and has the tools to get the job done. But is OSU (and Holder) ready to experiment with an unknown commodity? I don’t know, but the next fifteen days will be very telling.

  • Scott

    Wasn’t Desmond mason an option last year? I seem to recall that he even had, unlike Doug, a plan already formulated and assistants/recruiters already lined up. Way more credible than Doug.

  • Alec M

    Better be willing the be paid adequately for a none experienced coach

  • Saucy Takes

    Page is low risk holder is cheap and I bet page would probably take 400K. He comes from coaching tree + experience+ Can relate to players more+ loyalty. Shown that he doesn’t expect a handout willing to learn as assistant

    • Matt Shaw

      LOL. Keiton Page?

      • Saucy Takes

        More to show for than Doug + loved by Oklahomans low risk. And cheaper! Pay Gundy

    • spokepokes

      This has to be a joke

      • Saucy Takes

        It’s on par with Gottlieb. No one had given me a reason why Gottlieb is more seasoned to coach than page

        • scott

          Paige at least has more experience than Gottlieb.

  • Jeff T.

    Gottlieb 100%

  • Philo Farnsworth

    You know what, F it. Bring Doug home! I was against it, but maybe a Cinderella story in the works.

  • Phillyflash19

    How do I get the link to that Gottlieb video? That was bad ass!

  • Mike

    Maybe get someone who has at least one game of college coaching experience?