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Gundy Opens up on Rudolph’s Apparent Minor Injury



In Saturday’s game, fans may have noticed that Rudolph didn’t quote look the same after his muffed pass that went as a fumble and was returned for 6 by the horns. Taking a closer look at the play, however, it appears Rudolph may have suffered a slight injury after attempting to make a tackle. (Very right side of the screen).

Gundy spoke to the media today and addressed the very issue, acknowledging that he had something happen to his hand that had a “small little numbing effect.” It’s pretty obvious something wasn’t quite right. The next pass attempt was a complete duck as you can see below.

Gundy said, ” He’s fine,” regarding Rudolphs hand. As Gundy mentioned the numbing effect, you have to hope it was just some sort of charlie horse that effected him and not something more serious.

Whether he is truly fine is yet to be seen, but the fact that he finished the game would suggest the charlie horse is likely to have already subsided and should be good to go for this weekend. But with this information, it may explain the QB carousel we witnessed on Saturday in the second half.

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