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‘He Did It the Right Way’: Bowman’s Teammates High on His Leadership as a Newcomer

‘He’s one of those guys that you want to come into your program.’



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ARLINGTON, Texas — Quarterbacks are supposed to be leaders, but one could imagine it might be a little awkward to come into a new team and immediately assume a leadership role.

Alan Bowman, competing for the starting job at Oklahoma State, is on that journey, and his measured approach to the matter has been impressive, according to his teammates.

“He did it the right way,” offensive lineman Preston Wilson said. “He came in quiet. He came in knowing that he was a leader and an experienced player and a veteran, and we knew that. But he kinda came in quiet, looked to see how our culture was, how we did things. Immediately once he figured that out, he squeezed right in and immediately got to work. He got to work by executing his plays, doing what he needed to do, being a vocal leader, getting his group of guys set. Great teammate, really looking forward to blocking for the guy this year.”

Transferring to Oklahoma State from Michigan, Bowman threw just 11 passes in two seasons with the Wolverines, but he was on two College Football Playoff teams. He also has experience joining a new team, as he spent his first three years of college football at Texas Tech where he threw for 5,260 yards and 33 touchdowns in 19 games.

Bowman showed his leadership qualities this summer by finding an NIL deal to take a group of receivers to California this offseason for some workouts.

Brennan Presley, somehow already a senior, was a part of that trip. Presley has played 32 college games, all of which have come at Oklahoma State. Presley said despite Bowman being new to the program, his experience goes a long way in his adjustment to the Cowboys.

“He’s been in college football six years,” Presley said. “He’s 23 years old. He’s a lot more mature than most people, so he knows the way. He’s been at Texas Tech and Michigan, so he has kinda been through the ropes adjusting to a new team. I think it’s no different with this team.”

It’s hard to say what two years away from meaningful snaps will mean for Bowman on the field, but off the field, he appears to be taking all the right steps to put his team in a good position heading into the Cowboys’ Sept. 2 season-opener against Central Arkansas.

“Alan’s done a great job,” Wilson said. “He’s a great teammate. He’s one of those guys that you want to come into your program because he’s not a distraction, he’s a guy that’s gonna come in and lead from the beginning.”

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