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Here is Dez Bryant Taking a Punch to the Face in a Training Camp Fight



Dez got Geno Smithed in training camp today. The Dallas Cowboys and St. Louis Rams were practicing together when a massive fight broke out. Hilariously, Dez was chatting with Jerry Jones when he took off towards the action.

He probably wishes he hadn’t, um, stopped talking to Jerry. He got smoked by Imoan Claiborne.

I guess this is the part where we make the “taking a punch to the face seems preferable to having a conversation with Jerry Jones” joke. Dez, as Kyle Boone pointed out earlier today, has had an intense few days.

“I wish I would have cheap shot his ass,” Bryant tweeted (and deleted) according to the Dallas Morning News. “Then all of y’all would have seen the difference. You can’t even put that s*** on World Star.”

World Star Hip Hop is apparently a hip hop blog dedicated to posting videos of violent fights. You learn something new every day.

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