Here is the full OSU-St. Joe’s game

Written by Kyle Porter

Today is the 10-year (10-year!) anniversary of the OSU-St. Joe’s game that sent OSU to the Final Four.

I’ll never forget where I was when I watched it. By the way, I just re-watched the last four minutes and nearly had a conniption.

Also, Norlander said the Wichita State-Kentucky game reminded him of this one:

Here’s Lucas on the shot (The Shot):

“I made sure my feet were under me and just shot it,” Lucas said. Asked if he knew it was good the moment he let fly, he said, “Absolutely.”

  • STLPoke

    I watched this game in some basement bar in the “little Baghdad” area of Paris. Literally the only place we could find it. Terrifying to get to, but well worth it.

    • Trip

      I was a sophomore in the Terrace apartments on Husband in Stillwater. Practically the whole complex emptied into the parking lot and became an impromptu victory party.

  • spokepokes

    This was the most anxious I have ever been for an OSU game…..ever

  • Clifton Hall

    Dat passing tho…

  • Austin

    Great game and an amazing team. I’d forgotten what good coaching and front court play looked like. Ivan McFarlin and Joey Graham were absolute animals. McFarlin had 12 boards in the game, and I swear they all looked like this at 1:02:30. Graham’s post game is at its best at 1:07:00. I watched about half this game again and couldn’t help thinking that there’s no way a Ford-coached team would ever have this much poise, determination, and resiliency.

  • Dr. Funkenstein

    My buddies and I raced around Kerr 4 like chickens with our heads cut off after they won that game. One of my favorite experiences in KD.

  • Thunderwolf

    I just watched the whole thing and made a list of things I miss from this team:
    1) Eddie.
    2) Tony palming the ball on the wing just because it looks cool.
    3) I-Mac one-handed pull down rebounds
    4) Joey. Literally the strongest guy on the floor no matter who we played.
    5) Eddie.
    6) Using ‘plays’ on offense.
    7) JL III’s mustache.
    8) Bathrobe guy.
    9) Winning a lot.
    10) Eddie.

    • Jake

      What about Eddie Sutton?

  • Jake

    Lucas > Smart

    • Nate

      umm… no

  • SoS

    You watch that OSU team, and you remember what good basketball really looks like. The movement on offense is light years beyond Ford and his scheme. The ball changes sides quickly and the goal is generally to get the ball inside for high percentage shots.

  • Scott

    Gottlieb sighting at 36.23