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Hit Play: OSU-Tulsa Was a Longform Highlight Reel



The Cowboys’ season opener started off like a Big 12 highlight video — minus the grainy SD picture. The Cowboys scored three touchdowns in barely enough game time for most teams to get down the field once.

We’re going to be keeping a weekly tally of the Cowboys best plays of the year and Week 1 had no shortage to pick from. We have cut the video to start right where the play begins. So hit play and enjoy.

Tyron Johnson’s Welcome Parade

If didn’t take long at all. With two minutes and one second burned in Oklahoma State’s 2017 season, Tyron crossed the goal line for the first of hopefully probably definitely many more TDs to come. He showed us the whole package: speed, hands, coordination and the ability to finish.

Justice’s Jump-Cut

Of all the plays listed here, this was the shortest. And it was also the most likely to be used on the cover of NCAA Football 17, if such a thing existed. Hill showed off his handiwork in the gym these last eight months with a strong stiff arm of a much bigger defender and then the picturesque ankle-breaking jump cut that went viral.

Hill’s a dude and Oklahoma State has the best Big 3 in the Big 12 — maybe in the country.

Washington’s Follow-up

Just to remind everyone who WR1 is, James Washington went house on this 40-yard catch. It’s easier to take him for granted than it is to bat an eye at plays like this. Washington just makes these these look easy and he’s un-guardable in one-on-one situations.

J.D. King’s Coronation

The true freshman proved he belongs in the first spot off the bench behind Justice Hill. King took advantage of this gaping B gap and had just enough speed in those tree trunks to get to the end zone. King’s 71 yards was the longest-single rush by a Cowboy in six years.

OSU’s 10-Second Drive

It took one play for Oklahoma State to score on this drive late in the second quarter. Rudolph floated this ball across the middle of the field. But when James Washington is facing single coverage, all he really needs to do is catch the ball with his eyes. The rest is pretty much automatic. Also, I love seeing Washington amped up like that. I love Tyron Johnson being the cheerleader and following Washington back to the sideline and barking in his face. I love all of it.

Kenneth Edison-McGruder’s Scoop-and-Score

Following the pass interference call on Tre Flowers that saved Tulsa’s 4-plus minute drive, Chad President was staring at first and 10 in the red zone. But then a mishandled ball turned into the fourth-longest fumble return in Oklahoma State history and, more importantly, six points.

LD Brown Follows Suit

Not to be out-done, redshirt freshman running back LD Brown picked up 73 yards to top King’s run by two yards. With 92 yards and score in his debut, he and King were each a possible carry away from OSU’s third game every with three 100-yard rushers.

There will be plenty more exciting plays over the next four months or so. Stayed tuned as we post them all here in what should be a thrilling season of football.

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